Discover Rutherglen Stickies #WorldWineTravel

World Wine Travel Writers Share Australia Bits and PiecesAs we prepare to jump from Australia over to New Zealand, we wanted to give our World Wine Travel writers a chance to highlight one more wine from Australia, be it a favorite, a wine from Tasmania, a fortified or sparkling wine. You might even see a … Continue reading

Paella on the Grill and a Texas Rosé Surprise!

Texas Wines for SummerEarlier this summer, a wine writer friend sent an invitation to try some Texas Hill Country wines aimed at summer enjoyment. It’s been some time since I have tried a Texas wine, so I happily agreed to try a few. Even though Minnesota is nearing the end of summer, there’s lots of … Continue reading

A Lighter Hand in Languedoc #Winophiles

French Winophiles Search for Sustainable / Organic Languedoc WinesThis month, our French Winophiles accepted the assignment to find sustainable / organic / biodynamic wines from the Languedoc region of France. Finding wines from lesser known regions can be a challenge, so we are welcoming any posts featuring Languedoc wines, but we are hoping our writers … Continue reading

My Jancis Robinson Article on Regeneration at Troon Vineyard

Jancis Robinson Wine Writing Competition 2022Jancis’ annual wine writing competition in 2022 challenged wine writers to consider the topic of Regeneration as related to wine. My article highlighting Regeneration at Troon Vineyard was posted on Jancis’ site today! Troon Vineyard and Regenerative AgricultureAgriculture is a major contributor to climate change and our modern farming techniques … Continue reading

In Praise of Older Rosé

The Immediacy of RoséTradition tells us to drink rosé young, within a year of its’ listed vintage. This is compounded by many rosés being bottled in clear glass to show off that beautiful color. As we get to the end of the summer, what’s a drinker to do? Do you need to finish all your … Continue reading

Explore Languedoc Wines with the French #Winophiles

Winophiles Search for Low Intervention, Organic, Biodynamic Wines from LanguedocThis month, our French Winophiles will be reporting on our findings after researching Languedoc Wines, a region we have virtually visited a number of times( 2019, 2018, 2015). This time, however, we will focus on wineries who are working to leave a smaller chemical footprint in … Continue reading