Pork Tenderloin, Mushroom Pasta & J. Christopher Pinot Noir

Julie and I are headed out for a long weekend in Willamette Valley this weekend, so we have been previewing a number of Oregon Pinot Noir’s in advance of the trip.  Sunday dinner this week was made with Pinot Noir in mind.  I started with recipes from Everyday Dining with Wine.  It’s an older book … Continue reading

Grilled Shrimp Green Salad & Montinore Pinot Gris

Saturday night, we were looking for some relaxing and easy.  Busy week and we had been out on Friday night.  Dinner was no recipe, just throw together a salad and a nice bottle of wine to match.  I stopped at the store, picked up the ingredients threw it together.  So easy, and so nice; maybe … Continue reading

Flatbread with Johan Pinot Noir

One of my favorite uses of the always ready bread dough from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day is for pizza or flatbread.  It has become my staple Saturday lunch.  Fresh ingredients, homemade dough, baked on a pizza stone – better than a restaurant.  The trick is a hot oven, and to use a … Continue reading

Pacific Perch w/heirloom tomato jalapeno dill relish, and Clos Saron Carte Blanche

Sunday dinner is our prime time for a nice meal with a nice wine to match.  Today, I used a recipe from Cooking Light’s “Way to Cook” cookbook.  The recipe was for Halibut with Persimmon Tomato and Dill Relish.  Ever heard of a persimmon tomato?  Me neither.  I went to Linden Hills Coop to get … Continue reading

Food Porn #4: Food Photography

Every one of our classes has included lots of beautiful food.  We have learned about presentation, plating, and really studying what makes food look good.  Today, I decided to do a photographic study of a quail’s egg.  A complete portfolio of quail’s egg; an obsession.  As other activities were going on, I studied my quail’s … Continue reading

Food Porn #1: Food Photography Class

I have been enjoying a series of food photography classes at Kitchen in the Market.  Here are some results from the first class back in January.  Kitchen in the Market is located in the Midtown Global Market, a great renovation of the old Sears Tower in Minneapolis.  It’s full of a variety of ethnic eateries, … Continue reading

Zinfandel Wine Dinner – Report

Our Zinfandel wine tasting and dinner went great!  I think we made some Zin converts last night.  Many of our friends had only had the ripe, rich “funny name Zins”.  When introduced to some other styles, they found out what a nice wine it can be.  Nothing wrong with the ripe, rich style, there is … Continue reading

Zinfandel Wine Dinner – Beforehand

We get together with a group of friends pretty regularly for a wine dinner.  This Friday night, we are doing an All American Zinfandel theme.  As it’s a Friday night, we’re keeping things as easy as possible.  The menu includes BBQ ribs and chicken and the usual sides: baked potatoes, beans, cornbread, salad.  The wine … Continue reading

The Start: Drink This – Wine Made Simple

A little over two years ago, I decided I would really like to learn more about appreciating wine.  I had spent my whole adult life at the level of “I liked it” or “no good”.  However, I could never tell you anything about what the wine smelled or tasted like.  My wife and I drank … Continue reading