In Praise of Older Rosé

My spring 2022 rosé buying trip. Note all the clear glass bottles

The Immediacy of Rosé
Tradition tells us to drink rosé young, within a year of its’ listed vintage. This is compounded by many rosés being bottled in clear glass to show off that beautiful color. As we get to the end of the summer, what’s a drinker to do? Do you need to finish all your 2021 rosé now? Rosé typically brings refreshing acidity and bright fruit flavors. As the wine ages, the acidity will remain and the flavors will transition toward dried fruit, though that transition may take some time, even years. So if you have rosé left at the end of summer, don’t be in a rush to finish it off!

This 2019 rosé was held in a dark closet in the basement

Storing Your Rosé
Wine is very sensitive to light and clear glass offers no protection. If you have some rosé you’d like to enjoy later in the fall or even next summer, the best advice is the same as for any wine: cool, dark, constant temperature. For rosé bottled in clear glass, the “dark” variable is especially important. Make sure you store it away from light and you are good to go!

Disclosure: The wine for this post was provided as a sample from Wines of Germany USA. No other compensation was involved. All opinions expressed are mine.

2019 Rosé is ready to go!

Weingut Josef Leitz
The Leitz family has been involved in winemaking the the Rheingau in Germany since 1744. The modern Weingut Josef Leitz story picks up immediately after World War II when Joseph Leitz rebuilt the winery after it was destroyed by bombing in the war. The family farmed only a few hectares. In 1985, Johannes Leitz took over and began concentrating on the wine business. Over his tenure, acreage has grown to 123 hectares with vineyards all over the Rheingau. Their focus is almost entirely on Riesling, but they grow a small amount of Pinot Noir, some of which goes into this rosé.

Leitz Pinot Noir Rosé Trocken Rheingau Qualitätswein 2019 (sample, typically around $17) 12% abv
Eye: Medium orange
Nose: Medium intensity aromas of honeysuckle, bright fresh ripe cherries, dried cherries, strawberries, slate.
Mouth: Just off-dry, high acidity, medium body, medium alcohol, medium plus intensity flavors, medium finish. Flavors are more intense ripe cherries, dried cherries, cherry pie, strawberries, slate, touch of tomato leaf.
Observations: Bright acidity and strong fruit are delicious, the wine is just off-dry. The bit of residual sugar contributes to the fruity character, not so much perceived sweetness.

Leitz Pinot Noir Rosé with Dinner
I had not intended to let this rosé sample linger, but it was delicious with a dinner of grilled veggies and a burger on a hot summer evening. Just remember to store those clear bottles in a cool dark place!

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