Show Your Support for FoodWineClick! & It’s Free!


That’s Me!

Millesima Wine Blog Awards 2017

  • 2015 Awards (first year) – I was a finalist, didn’t win
  • 2016 Awards – I was a finalist, didn’t win
  • 2017 Awards – I’m a finalist.  I need your help!

I won’t waste your time, here’s my ask:
I’m a finalist in a wine blogging competition. There are only three finalists in my group, so every vote counts and you could send me on a week long trip to Bordeaux in France!  It’s easy, as you can only vote once, and the contest closes on Friday, Feb. 27. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the Millesima USA Contest page on Facebook – Click -> HERE
  2. “Like” the Millesima USA page to get to the voting page
  3. Click on the Wine Reporter Category
  4. Vote for FoodWineClick!Can You Taste Dirt? Soils And SancerreBy clicking the vote button under my entry.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: Note that you need to click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page after you vote.
  7. If I win, attend the party in Minnesota after I return!




5 Responses to “Show Your Support for FoodWineClick! & It’s Free!”
  1. I voted & am rooting for you. Keep

  2. Ishita says:

    Congrats, I hope you win 🙂

  3. Don’t think I’m allowed to vote, but good luck fella!

  4. Yes! Fingers crossed – really proud for you, Jeff!

  5. I did try to vote for you but it’s on facebook and I dropped my account some time ago. Sorry. I wish you good luck, though. 🙂

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