Friday Night: Sipping as Our Forefathers Did – Madeira

Blandy's 10 year Malmsey Madeira

Dessert Wines – Wines with a Story Almost every dessert wine I know has an interesting story. Sometimes it’s the vineyard conditions: foggy fall mornings, early freezes, long dry autumns.  Often, the story involves history and the challenges of transporting wines over long distances before the age of refrigeration. On the Friday evening of our … Continue reading

Italian Wine 101: Italian Wine Intro and Chianti!

Italian Wine 101: Intro to Italian Wine and Chianti After spending a few months virtually cruising around France, you have hopefully gained some insight into affordable French wines. In case you missed France, the posts are available here. Ready for more? Let’s jump over to Italy. No time? Jump right to the Cheatsheet here: Italian … Continue reading

Villa Maria Virtual Visit

Villa Maria Wines from New Zealand

A Virtual New Zealand Visit to Villa Maria via Snooth Virtual Tastings/Chats are a blast, if you’re an action junkie.  The biggest challenge is managing your time for the hour of the chat. We taste, eat, tweet, photograph, and often are chatting on a custom media outside of the usual suspects (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). Tonight, … Continue reading

Friday Night: Pizza and Trediberri Barbera d’Alba

Primo Ceramic grill, pizza, and Trediberri Barber d'Alba

Friday Night: Easy Pizza and a Nice Bottle of Wine When we make pizza at home, I usually make everything from scratch: dough, sauce, and a wide variety of toppings. It’s a bit of an all-day affair, not exactly easy to start at 6pm on Friday night. Unless you like pizza at midnight!  This week, … Continue reading

Rosé Time 2017!

Welcome to Rosé Time! Spring has sprung, and the hot weather has arrived. In Minnesota, it always takes us a few extra weeks to be really sure the cold weather has gone for the season. Farmers markets have opened, the yard has greened up, and the mosquitoes are due any day now. That can only … Continue reading

Salmon and Morels with the Domaine Wines of Louis Max #Winophiles

Domaine Louis Max wines from Burgundy

French Winophiles Linger in Bourgogne Our winophiles group loves Burgundy (Bourgogne) so much, we decided we needed to spend two months exploring the region. Last month, we were in Chablis and the Northern part of the Côte d’Or: the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. The wines of these northern regions are real … Continue reading

Crawling Through the Cellar at Louis Max

Moral of the Story: When your wine industry friend sets up a visit, JUMP ON IT! While planning our visit in France last fall, I contacted a couple of local Minnesota wine industry folks for any tips or visits we might make while in the Côte de Nuits in Burgundy. I didn’t hear anything back, … Continue reading

Tour and Taste at Château Phélan-Ségur

Château Phélan-Ségur

Château Phélan-Ségur During our week long visit hosted by our friends at Millesima, we were treated to a private visit at Château Phélan-Ségur in St. Estephe. Where the Heck is St. Estephe? You’ll never realize how large the Bordeaux wine region is until you have the opportunity to visit. Several hours drive from end to … Continue reading

Summer Wines With Memphis Style Slow Smoked Ribs #WinePW

Summertime and the Grillin’s Easy Our Wine Pairing Weekend assignment this month was a natural for the summer, the grill. Take a look at all the other enthusiastic grilling posts farther down on this page! My #WinePW buddies always have some great ideas to share. Truth be told, I grill year-round. However, in the summertime, … Continue reading

The Sordid Tale of Marsala Wine #ItalianFWT

Sweet and dry marsala wine

Italian Food Wine & Travel Group Indulges in Italian Sweeties This month, our Italian Food Wine & Travel (#ItalianFWT) group will be sampling and posting on sweet wines from Italy. Take a look farther down in this post for links to my fellow Italian wine enthusiasts contributions for the month. There is no shortage of … Continue reading