My Jancis Robinson Article on Regeneration at Troon Vineyard

Jancis Robinson Wine Writing Competition 2022
Jancis’ annual wine writing competition in 2022 challenged wine writers to consider the topic of Regeneration as related to wine. My article highlighting Regeneration at Troon Vineyard was posted on Jancis’ site today!

Troon Vineyard and Regenerative Agriculture
Agriculture is a major contributor to climate change and our modern farming techniques are responsible for making that problem worse as well as the loss of topsoil in farming areas worldwide. Farmers today are discovering new applications of old techniques which radically increase the capture of carbon back in our soils while rebuilding organic matter in our topsoil. Troon Vineyard has established itself as a leader in the Regenerative Agriculture movement and is one of the first wineries in the US to achieve the new Regenerative Organic Certification. Read all about it in my article and take a look at the companion video on YouTube below. My thanks to Craig Camp and the entire team at Troon for their inspiration and help with the article!

6 Responses to “My Jancis Robinson Article on Regeneration at Troon Vineyard”
  1. Lisa Denning says:

    Congratulations Jeff! Great article.

  2. Julie Burrows says:

    A labor of love. Great job, honey!

  3. Awesome news and a great read Jeff!

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