#ItalianFWT Digs Deeper into Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo grapes on the vine

Nebbiolo After the King & Queen The Nebbiolo grape is the sole grape in two of the most famous and highly regarded wines in Northern Italy, Barolo and Barbaresco. These wines are known to be elegant, powerfully structured and built to age for decades. They also will set you back a few dollars! Nebbiolo is … Continue reading

Take a Minute to Vote, Thanks!

Millesima Wine Blog Awards 2017 – Update The voting closes this Friday and the race is too close to call.  All three of the entries in US Wine Reporter are very close in votes. Please take a minute out of your day and place your vote for me! It’s easy, as you can only vote … Continue reading

Nebbiolo Beyond the B’s with #ItalianFWT

A group of alternative Nebbiolo wines

Nebbiolo Beyond Barolo and Barbaresco Join the Italian Food Wine and Travel Group on February 4 as we explore the Nebbiolo grape beyond it’s most famous incarnations of Barolo and Barbaresco! We’ll be posting and chatting about our findings on Saturday February 4. If you have a blog and would you like to join us, … Continue reading

Soup & Savoie French #Winophiles

Savoie wine bottle emblem

French Winophiles Search for Savoie Our French #Winophiles group is taking an imaginary trip to the Savoie wine region this month. The region may bring a smile and recognition once you make this connection: The Savoie is also “The French Alps“. I should have brought my snowboard! Take a look at the bottom of this … Continue reading

Show Your Support for FoodWineClick! & It’s Free!

Millesima Wine Blog Awards 2017 2015 Awards (first year) – I was a finalist, didn’t win 2016 Awards – I was a finalist, didn’t win 2017 Awards – I’m a finalist.  I need your help! I won’t waste your time, here’s my ask: I’m a finalist in a wine blogging competition. There are only three … Continue reading

Something Old, Something New – Flank Steak & Douro Red #WinePW

Quinta do Romeu Douro Red wine with steak

Wine Pairing Weekend Tries Something New Our Wine Pairing Weekend January theme is “try a new wine”. My challenge this month was that we were away for a long weekend just before our posts were due. My “something new” tools were the Utah State Liquor Store and our condo kitchen, so my post became a … Continue reading

Swordfish Pasta with a Not So Crazy Sicilian Red #ItalianFWT

Frank Cornelissen Hijacked My Post Our Italian Food Wine & Travel assignment this month was to highlight wine and food from a coastal area of Italy. I immediately knew I would want Sicily for my choice. I had picked out a Sicilian seafood pasta recipe to try as well white and red wines from the … Continue reading