Explore Languedoc Wines with the French #Winophiles

Languedoc / Roussillon wine region (map courtesy of http://www.chemins-vignerons.com)

Winophiles Search for Low Intervention, Organic, Biodynamic Wines from Languedoc
This month, our French Winophiles will be reporting on our findings after researching Languedoc Wines, a region we have virtually visited a number of times( 2019, 2018, 2015). This time, however, we will focus on wineries who are working to leave a smaller chemical footprint in their work. That is, wineries working or certified organic, biodynamic, regenerative or other low intervention approach in the vineyard and winery.

Organic Viticulture and The Languedoc Region
The Languedoc wine region sits on the Mediterranean Sea, west of more famous Provence. The Languedoc has long been a region of high volume, low price wines. However, in recent years, vignerons have increasingly stressed quality and have actively embraced conversion to organic approaches in the vineyards and wineries. All over France, the area of vine with organic certification has doubled in the period of 2012-2020. The Languedoc-Roussillon area leads in volume and is among the leaders in percentage of area managed organically:

  • Languedoc Roussillon in 2021: 33,496 Ha i.e. 7.3% of the world vineyard (OIV) and 38% of the French vineyard.
  • The AOC contribute to this dynamic, the production for the latter is estimated at 20 M bottles or 15% of the production
  • 23% of the LR surface conducted organically or in conversion.
  • 73 certified biodynamic estates (Demeter 2021 website)

Join our August Event
Our posts will go live on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 19-20. We’ll chat about the topic on Twitter at #Winophiles on Saturday Aug. 20 10-11am CDT. We’d love to hear what you think!

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