Virtual Trip to the Douro in “A Year in Port”

My $40 Free Screening I had the opportunity to pre-screen the upcoming release of A Year in Port this weekend. So of course, I did a little research and picked up a bottle of Ramos Pinto 10 year Tawny Port, one of the Port houses in the movie, to assist in my enjoying the film. … Continue reading

Tenacious Growers and Crazy Winemakers at Mokelumne Glen

“Tenacity Dick, you have to stay with the bastard till he’s on the bottom.” World War II SS-39 Wahoo Commanding Officer Mush Morton to his XO, 13 hours into a life or death running gun battle between the submarine and a destroyer. Who’s Your Hero? Who are your heroes? Mine are those crazy people with … Continue reading

Balletto Vineyards: Under the Radar in Russian River Valley

Balletto Russian River Pinot Noir and Balletto Russian River Chardonnay

How Do You Hide 600 Acres? The Balletto family has a long history of farming in Sonoma County. They started out as vegetable growers and increased their land holdings over time to 600 acres. As farming economics changed, it grew harder to make a living growing vegetables, but growing wine grapes could still be a … Continue reading

Foie Gras & Steak for a Right Bank Bordeaux – French #Winophiles

French #Winophiles Continue to Explore Bordeaux Our French #Winophiles group is in the middle of a 3 month extended virtual tour through Bordeaux (links to all the other posts are further down this page). Last month, we started on the Left Bank. This month, we jump over to the Right Bank, to explore similarities and … Continue reading

Rosato: A Rosé by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet #ItalianFWT

#ItalianFWT Relaxes in the Shade with a Cool Glass of Rosato With all due apologies to Romeo, Juliet and William Shakespeare, Rosato is the Italian name for Rosé. True to Mr. Shakespeare, however, you might also see a pink Italian wine with a name of Cerasuolo or Chiaretto, as all are what we call a … Continue reading

Celebrate Albariño Day with spicy Shrimp & Clam Pasta

Albariño Day/Week Grape Celebration days have become a popular way to promote wines from a region or from a common grape around the world. They can be a bit confusing, as sometimes the day/date seems to be a bit vague. Some, like #AlbariñoDay are placed perfectly in the calendar. August is prime time for seafood … Continue reading