Shrimp Masala & Viognier

Viognier with Spicy Indian Food
After some early success in this Viognier series with spicy foods, I decided to take the spice level up a notch.  Today, we’ll try a couple of nice Viogniers with Shrimp Masala.

Whenever I’m looking for an Indian recipe, my first stop is My Fancy Pantry.  Shari is a food blogger in Minnesota I found through the Fortify! Facebook group.  Fortify! is a bunch of fun Minnesota foodies who share and collaborate, and occasionally get together to meet in person.  I’ve not met Shari yet, but I look forward to being able to tell her thanks for her wonderful Indian recipes.  Today, I was looking for something with a bit of spice to put my Viognier wines to the next test.

Verdict?  The shrimp masala was great, and the Viogniers hung in there.  Had I made the dish very spicy, it may have overwhelmed the wines. At a medium level of heat, their richness and fruit let them balance the spice nicely.

Today we're testing viognier and a spicy curry

Today we’re testing viognier and a spicy shrimp masala

Domaine Georges Vernay Viognier “La Pied de Samson” 2012 ($35 through Delectable App)
Condrieu is the historic French home of the Viognier grape, and I was hoping to include one in my exploration of all things Viognier.  They are quite expensive and not easy to find locally.  I have been using the Delectable app recently, though and was able to purchase the wine through the app.  The “La Pied de Samson” is from Vernay estate vineyards that are a bit too high in elevation to officially meet the Condrieu AOC standards, so they can only sell it labeled as Viognier.  Close enough for me!

Eye: Light yellow color, a touch of effervescence.  Tiny bubbles form in the glass; not fizzy, just that bit of sparkle.
Nose: Viognier nose.  Initially Pears.  Later, rich and almost sweet. Cross between peach and pear.
Mouth: Rich mouthfeel, but not overly so.  Nice and lively and definitely a mineral character.  Initially almost  a touch of bitterness.  Rich fruit, the merest touch of sweetness in impression.
Very nice with a medium spicy shrimp masala curry.
Note: best enjoyed closer to room temperature.  Just a touch cool is good.

Georges Vernay Viognier, almost Condrieu.  Note the tiny bubbles in the glass.

Georges Vernay Viognier, almost Condrieu. Note the tiny bubbles in the glass.

Gramercy Cellars Antoine Creek Vineyard Viognier 2012 ($25 winery by mail)
We love Gramercy Cellars wines, and I was happy to see a Viognier as their first foray into white wine.

Eye: Medium light yellow, transparent.  Light in color for Viognier.
Nose: Light Viognier nose.  A touch of waxiness.  Pears, peaches & beeswax.  Reminded of the wax mom used sewing, way back when!
Mouth: Rich mouthfeel, but not flabby at all.  Rich fruit, good acidity.  Less mineral than the Vernay.
Nice with medium spicy shrimp masala curry.
Note: best enjoyed closer to room temp.  Nice flavor when just cool.

Brandon's Viognier: Gramercy Cellars' first white wine!

Viognier: Gramercy Cellars’ first white wine!

Homestyle Shrimp Masala
I settled on Homestyle Chicken Masala, substituting shrimp as the protein. I waited until I was almost ready to serve, then seared the shrimp and added it in, as shrimp usually does not benefit from long cooking.  I used carrots, cauliflower and green beans as my vegetables.

Spicy shrimp curry!

Spicy shrimp curry!

As long as you don’t go crazy with the spices, go ahead and grab a Viognier the next time you’re planning an Indian dish; you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. I love new reasons to drink Viognier !

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