Villa Maria Virtual Visit

A Virtual New Zealand Visit to Villa Maria via Snooth
Virtual Tastings/Chats are a blast, if you’re an action junkie.  The biggest challenge is managing your time for the hour of the chat. We taste, eat, tweet, photograph, and often are chatting on a custom media outside of the usual suspects (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). Tonight, we chatted via Snooth online with Helen Morrison, a winemaker at Villa Maria in New Zealand.  I was very familiar with Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (Julie is a huge NZ Sauvignon Blanc fan), but I had not tried other Villa Maria wines.  Sounded like fun! I enjoyed some of our Villa Maria favorites and even found a new flame! If you want to take a look at the video chat, you should be able to see it here: Villa Maria Chat on Snooth.

Disclosure: the wines were provided via Snooth and Villa Maria. All opinions are mine. Villa Maria wines are always well made and most are at a very attractive price point, give a couple of these a try!


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