Friday Night: Pizza and Trediberri Barbera d’Alba

Pizza cooked on a Primo ceramic grill with Trediberri Barbera d'Alba

Friday night pizza night

Friday Night: Easy Pizza and a Nice Bottle of Wine
When we make pizza at home, I usually make everything from scratch: dough, sauce, and a wide variety of toppings. It’s a bit of an all-day affair, not exactly easy to start at 6pm on Friday night. Unless you like pizza at midnight!  This week, I stopped at Broders Cucina Italiana for pizza dough, sauce, and shredded fresh mozzarella. A quick stop at the grocery store for a few additional toppings and pizza was in motion.

Barbera: Go-To Pizza Wine
Barbera is a great choice for introducing people to Italian wine. Great fruit flavor, fresh acidity and low tannins are easy to love. Barbera pairs with typical pizza toppings (tomatoes, cheeses, charcuterie) perfectly. Our favorite comes from our friend Nick at Trediberri in La Morra. It’s a Barbera d’Alba and runs about $20 in the US. It’s not available locally in Minnesota, so I order it from the east coast yearly. (click on any photo below for full size slide show, “escape” to return)

6 Responses to “Friday Night: Pizza and Trediberri Barbera d’Alba”
  1. Jill Barth says:

    Talking food: just did some shopping yesterday for grilled pizza and decided I’d do my own dough. Any tips? I am hoping to do a pizza with grilled corn…what would you do for sauce? Thank you!!

  2. Question: why do you put your stone on a rack on the grill instead of directly on the grate?

    • Trying to get a better balance between top and bottom heating. When I put the stone at grate level, I get more heat from the bottom than the top and don’t get as good top browning. Moving higher up puts the top of the pizza closer to the ceramic top, almost like having a pizza stone above and below. This result was great and will be my standard approach from now on.

  3. Vino Travels says:

    Nothing like some delicious pizza and a glass or two or three or barbera. I can’t say I make my own dough though 🙃

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