You’ll Love “For the Love of Seafood”

You’ll find recipes from easy weeknight meals to dishes for company

Disclosure: I received this cookbook as a sample for review consideration. The food and wines in the post were all purchased at retail. All opinions expressed are mine.

For the Love of Seafood Cookbook
I receive cookbook review offers from time to time, and I’m happy to evaluate ones I find enticing. “For the Love of Seafood” looked good to me and it delivered on its promise. It’s an appropriate book for the seafood newcomer as well as more seasoned cooks looking for new ideas. The book is split into several sections:

  • Primer on cooking seafood
  • Easy recipes for new cooks and weeknight meals
  • Intermediate recipes to develop experience
  • More involved recipes for more experienced cooks (though not difficult) and company

To give the cookbook a good test, we tried a couple of recipes. Both meals were winners and we are looking forward to many more as we explore the book further.

Baked Spicy Dijon and Parmesan-Crusted Salmon and Marcel Deiss Alsace AOC
This salmon recipe has become one of our staples. It’s easy to make and is fancy enough for company. Don’t be worried by “spicy”, the mayonnaise tames the Dijon mustard nicely. We served the salmon with a beguiling Alsace white wine by Marcel Deiss.

Marcel Deiss Gruenspiel “Le jeu des verts” Alsace AOC 2014

Domaine Marcel Deiss Gruenspiel “Le jeu des verts”Alsace AOC 13% abv
Eye: deep gold
Nose: Medium plus intensity aromas of honeysuckle, ripe apricots, peach, mango, orange peel, petrol, dried apricots, honey
Mouth: Off dry, high acidity balanced by rich texture, medium plus body, medium alcohol, pronounced flavors, long finish. Flavors follow the nose with ripe apricots, orange peel and adding a stony edge
Observations: Impressive flavors in both their specificity and intensity. Lip smacking acidity balanced by rich texture. Really a wonderful wine.

Butter Poached Cod with Chapuis & Chapuis Bouzeron
The more involved recipes require more ingredients and a longer instruction list, but they are well within the reach of virtually any cook. Even though the cod is poached in butter, it isn’t overly rich. Think of the butter solution as a glaze. The poaching liquid can be served alongside to add richness to each person’s taste. I like to serve a rich fish dish with a lively, fresh and acidic white wine, and Aligoté from the village of Bouzeron in Bourgogne fills the bill nicely.

Bouzeron is a village level appellation dedicated to Aligoté.

Chapuis & Chapuis Bouzeron Aligoté
Aligoté is the second white grape of Bourgogne. As such, it was always relegated to lesser plots and given less care. In recent years, vignerons around the region have discovered with some care and proper siting, Aligoté can provide a nice alternative to Chardonnay from the region. In much of Bourgogne, the highest classification reserved for Aligoté is the lowly regional “Bourgogne” appellation. You’ll see “Bourgogne Aligoté” on the label. The town of Bouzeron is the one village with a village level appellation (generally considered 1 rung up on the quality ladder). The Chapuis & Chapuis Bouzeron does see some older barrel oak aging, but the oak doesn’t detract from the overall freshness of the wine.

3 Responses to “You’ll Love “For the Love of Seafood””
  1. wendyklik says:

    I have some halibut in my freezer right now gifted to me from my friend who caught them on an Alaskan fishing trip. I might need to see if I can find that recipe.

  2. I’ve had a couple of the Marcel Diess wines, that I really enjoyed. I bet it’s nice to have the full range readily available. The cookbook( and the dish you prepared sound great!

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