Preview to French Winophiles Focus on the Jura #Winophiles

French Winophiles Explore Jura Wines and Food
In our February meet-up, our French Winophiles will share our love for the Jura through its wine and food. If you have a blog or other social media channel and you’d like to join us, read further below. A few days before our meeting on 18 February, we’ll add a list of participants and their titles for our session.

Jura Wine Region map courtesy of Wikipedia

Jura Region 101
The Jura is a lesser known wine region, just east of its more famous neighbor, Bourgogne (Burgundy). The Jura borders Switzerland and is in the western foothills of the Jura mountains. As such, it gets more rain than other surrounding areas. The cool-moderate climate is good for growing some grapes not seen elsewhere such as Savagnin (white grape) and Poulsard, Trousseau (black grapes). Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are also grown. The traditional wines from the area are unique in their winemaking which includes leaving ullage (airspace) in the barrel while the wine is aging, allowing oxidation. Some wines even develop a layer of flor on the surface, similar to sherry. There are also winemakers taking a more contemporary approach, keeping barrels topped up during aging, producing lighter, more fruit forward wines. Here’s an informative link to a Jura Intro article from Explore France.

How to Participate and a Preview of Posts
If you’d like to participate and are a member of our Facebook group, simply add your post title to our invitation thread. Titles are due by end of day on Tuesday, 14 Feb. If you are new to the group and would like to join, you can send an email to me at I’ll send you further details. Please have a title ready by the same date. We’ll all be posting on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 17&18. Here’s what our French Winophiles writers will be cooking up:

• Camilla at Culinary Cam shares “Lamb Sausage-Stuffed Ravioli + Domaine Rolet Arbois Vieilles Vignes Poulsard 2018”
• Linda at My Full Wine Glass shares “Crémant of Jura: A traditional yet different sort of bubbly”
• Lynn at Savor the Harvest shares “Change your 2023 Wine Routine, Reach for the Jura!”
• Jane at Always Ravenous shares “After Dinner Sips From the French Jura to Linger Over”
• Gwendolyn at Wine Predator…Gwendolyn Alley shares “Enjoying Jura’s Wine and Cuisine”
• Robin at Crushed Grape Chronicles shares “Crémant du Jura & Rösti – blurring the borders and blending French and Swiss culture”
• Jeff at Food Wine Click! shares “Caves Jean Bourdy and Comté Cheese: Jura Classics”

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