Add Some French Style to Dinner

Slow Down!
We are recently back from a trip to France. One of our favorite differences in French life is the commitment to slowing down and enjoying a meal together. Restaurant meals are served in courses, even in cafés. Meals at home, especially on the weekend, represent an opportunity to take time and connect with your housemates and friends. After we returned home, I was reminded of that measured pace and turned a simple “steak and red wine” into our Menu de Jour.

Typical Menu du Jour, here in Saint Romain. Usually Entrée, Plat, Dessert (or Fromage)

Original Plan
– Obsidian Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
– Bison Sirloin
– Roast Acorn Squash

Burrows Menu du Jour
-Maison Harbour Santenay 1er Cru
– Roasted Brussels Sprouts
– Obsidian Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
– Grilled Bison Sirloin
– Roasted Acorn Squash
– Salad Greens with Homemade Red Wine Vinaigrette
– Selection of three cheeses (we had in the fridge)

Split your meal into courses, and while you’re at it, add a simple salad and a cheese course

Open More Wine, Make a Few More Dishes
Instead of filling your plate with main dish and sides, split them into courses. And maybe open a bottle of wine for apéro and entrée! Turn your one plate menu into the Menu du Jour.

Take some time for discussion between courses. Remember, there’s no hurry.

Salad isn’t required after the main course (plat), but it’s a nice palate refresher. In France, cheese (fromage) is always served after the meal.

What’s Your Menu du Jour?
Why not give it a try? Instead of 20 minutes, we enjoyed a relaxing hour at the table for food and discussion. With the exception of a few more dishes, you have nothing to lose. I’d love to hear about your Menu du Jour!

2 Responses to “Add Some French Style to Dinner”
  1. terristeffes says:

    I need to learn the “slow down” part. The French would be appalled at what I am doing now: eating lunch and typing responses. Pooh.

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