Moldova Wine & Food – Here’s Your Invitation! #WinePW

Moldova Food & Wine Pairings – Traditional and Creative
August 2019 I had the pleasure of being included on the first press trip sponsored by the Wine of Moldova. After the trip I approached my contacts in the organization to gauge their interest in collaborating with our Wine Pairing Weekend group of bloggers, and here we are! On July 11th, our Wine Pairing Weekend blogging group will be sharing our suggestions for combining wine from the little known wine country of Moldova with foods traditional or wildly creative.

Two of the wineries in Moldova have underground wine cellars so large, they have city-style maps, street names and you move around by car or bus!

Moldova Wines
If I told you Moldova is tucked in between Ukraine and Romania, would you be able to find it on a map? I didn’t think so! If you’d like to learn a bit more about Moldova Wines, here’s a link to an overview. If you need a little guidance on Moldovan foods, here’s a link some good ideas. My favorite on our trip was plăcintă, a dough filled with a number of tasty foods ranging from cabbage to cheese to potato, yum!

If this has piqued your interest in Moldovan wines, good! They’re not so easy to find in the US, but here’s a reliable source and one of the organizers of our event – Wine of Moldova USA.


Take a look at the tiny red mark on the map of Europe, that’s Moldova. Map courtesy of

How to join us:

  • Send an email to tell me you’re in: Include blog url, Twitter handle,  and any other social media details. If you know your blog post title, include that…but you can also send that a bit closer to the event. We’d like to get a sense of who’s participating and give some shout-outs and links as we go. You can contact me at
  • Find a Moldovan wine (not so easy!) and pair it with a dish of your choosing. Write up your experience and get ready to post and share. But don’t post it yet!
  • Send your post title to me by Tuesday, July 7th to be included in the preview post. I will prepare a preview post shortly after getting the titles, linking to your blogs. Your title should include “#WinePW”
  • Publish your post between Friday July 10 and 8:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, July 11th. You can always schedule your post in advance if you will be tied up that morning.
  • Include links to the other #WinePW participants in your post, and a description of what the event is about. I’ll provide the HTML code that you can easily put in your initial post — which will link to people’s general blog url
  • Once all the posts are live, I’ll send updated code so you can update the permanent links to everyone’s #WinePW posts.
  • Get social! After the posts go live, please visit your fellow bloggers posts’ to comment and share. We have a Facebook group for participating bloggers to connect and share, too.
  • Sponsored posts are OK if clearly disclosed. Please be sure to disclose if your post is sponsored or if you are describing wine or other products for which you have received a free sample.

The Sala de Degustare of – their wine bar.

7 Responses to “Moldova Wine & Food – Here’s Your Invitation! #WinePW”
  1. Great! Thanks for the links to more info and for pairing ideas! We have samples of bubbles and a red– very excited to taste wines from this new to me region!

  2. I am not sure I have a single picture of plăcintă, I couldn’t keep everyone’s hands off of it long enough to take one!

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