Magnus Nilsson, Fäviken, Flygande Jakob and Swedish Comfort Food

Fäviken is located in Northern Sweden, where it doesn’t really get dark in July.

Just For Fun!
Ever since Netflix Chef’s Table season 1, we’ve been Magnus Nilsson fans. We decided when we visit Sweden, we’d go to Magnus’ restaurant. This summer, the stars aligned and we scored a reservation at Fäviken., so we worked our Sweden trip around our dinner. We loved rural northern Sweden as it reminded us so much of Minnesota’s north shore, right down to the horseflies!

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The Nordic Cookbook
Magnus has written and photographed several books, one of which being “The Nordic Cook Book“. Magnus explores Nordic cuisine including all of Scandinavia. The recipes inside are traditional and not at all like the specialty dishes created at Fäviken, which is good as I would hesitate to take on anything from the restaurant! He does include lots of text to provide interesting background on many of the dishes. When leafing through the book, I was struck by “Flygande Jakob”, both for the ingredients and for his boyhood enthusiasm for the dish.  I knew I had to give it a try!

Not Swedish at all, iOTA Cellars Chardonnay from our friends, the Pelos and Sandbergs in Oregon

iOTA Cellars Pelos Sandberg Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills Oregon Chardonnay 2016 ($35 direct from winery) 12.7% abv
Eye: Clear (just the slightest haze) medium lemon yellow.
Nose: Clean, medium+ intensity. Fresh, bright ripe lemons, lemon curd, just a touch of vanilla far in the background. White flowers, wet stones.
Mouth: Dry, medium+ intensity flavor. Medium+ acidity, medium body, medium alcohol. Medium texture. This is definitely far away from the oaky/buttery Chardonnay camp (thank goodness). Lemons, lemon curd and a touch of something herbal and green, perhaps a touch of tarragon. Reminds me of Chablis, but with a touch more body and texture. Super nice with the Swedish comfort dish: Flygande Jakob.

Firm texture from the chicken, sweetness from the bananas, and salty crunch from bacon and peanuts. Flying Jacob gets two thumbs up!

Magnus Nilsson’s Flygande Jakob Recipe
You’re unlikely to be served this as a course at Fäviken, Magnus might smile knowing you’re enjoying it as much as he did growing up! It’s easy to make, you can find the recipe here .


8 Responses to “Magnus Nilsson, Fäviken, Flygande Jakob and Swedish Comfort Food”
  1. spisark says:

    I think your post is a serious contender for the most unusual blog recipe award in 2019!

  2. I loved both sides of this Swedish dining coin: the rustic yet beautiful restaurant and its dishes; and the very homey chicken dish you made with supermarket ingredients. That halibut was quite impressive, too!

  3. Lisa Denning says:

    Looked like a fabulous dinner/experience Jeff!

  4. Julie says:

    You had so much fun making “flying Jacob”. And it was tasty and comforting. Always love iOTA!!

  5. Lynn says:

    Digging the Flygande Jakob. I might just have to try and recreate that one!

  6. Don Sandberg says:

    Wow, you had me at bacon and baked bananas! Flygande Jakob looks great! I’ll be sure to mention it to iOTA chard tasters this summer.

  7. I had no idea you had eaten here. Wow! So cool. He is amazing.

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