Sparkle Your Dessert with Moscato d’Asti #ItalianFWT

Sparkling December!

December is a Sparkling Month for the Italian Food, Wine & Travel Group
December is the perfect month for a sparkling focus, as we all have ample opportunities to celebrate in the coming weeks. Our Italian Food, Wine & Travel group is exploring all the different sparkling wines from Italy, including Prosecco, Franciacorta, Moscato d’Asti and others. Take a look further down in this post for links to all my #ItalianFWT buddies’ posts!

What is Moscato d’Asti?
Moscato d’Asti is a sweet, lightly sparkling wine from the Piemonte region of northwestern Italy. We enjoy Moscato d’Asti for it’s freshness and vibrance, it’s not a wine to cellar! Moscato d’Asti is made in a unique variation of the Charmat (tank) method. The method is perfectly described on the Vietti website:

“The grapes are crushed, pressed and naturally clarified. Must is kept without sulfites in a cold storage, at low temperature in order to naturally prevent fermentation. Before the bottling, we add yeast and temperature is increased to 12°-14° C. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in stainless steel pressured tanks to preserve natural CO2 from the fermentation. The fermentation is stopped at 5% Alc. by reducing again the temperature.
There is no malolactic fermentation to preserves acidity, varietal fruit character and freshness. The wine is held in stainless steel tanks until bottling.”

Cascinetta Vietti Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2017 ($16 at France 44 or online here)
Vietti is a historic family owned winery in the Piemonte region of northwestern Italy. Most famous for Barolo, the Vietti family grows grapes and makes the full range of Piemontese wines. Vietti wines are instantly recognizable in the wine store by the beautiful artwork on the labels. Each wine has its’ own unique artwork. I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of their wines and now I can add their Moscato d’Asti to my recommended list!

Eye: Clear, pale lemon with initially bubbly mousse, followed by persistent fine bubbles suspended in the wine.
Nose: Clean, medium+ intensity. Intense aromas of bright ripe fruit: grapes, lemons, baking spices, very fresh flowers. It’s the aroma a “lemon breeze” cleaning product dreams it could achieve.
Mouth: Sweet with balancing high acidity. Refreshing with an effervescent lift. Delightful flavor of moscato grapes, lemons, green apples. Nice medium+ sweet finish. On a trip a few years ago, we had the opportunity to taste moscato grapes alongside a Moscato d’Asti wine. It’s one of the few wines anywhere in the world in which the wine actually tastes of the grape!

Tiramisu from Broders Cucina in Minneapolis

Tiramisu is not a Piemontese dessert, you’ll never see it in the region in Italy. It is, however, delicious and pairs beautifully with Moscato d’Asti!

Dessert Choices with Moscato d’Asti
While Moscato d’Asti is sweet, don’t go overboard with the richness or sweetness of your dessert. Fruit and creamy desserts are perfect, keep them on the lighter side. I stopped at Broder’s Cucina, our local Italian Deli, for a good choice, hoping they might have panna cotta.  No luck this time but a nice single serve tiramisu proved just as nice pairing with the lightly fizzy wine. The Italian classic holiday cake, panettone, would also be an excellent choice.

Italian Sparkling Wine Discoveries from Italian Food, Wine & Travel Buddies
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Finally, here are a few images of other Italian sparkling wines I’ve featured in the past



16 Responses to “Sparkle Your Dessert with Moscato d’Asti #ItalianFWT”
  1. Mosacato d’Asti and Tiramisu sound perfect Jeff. I need to see if I can track down a Vietti! Love what you’re doing with video too!

  2. Lynn says:

    It seems Moscato d’Asti is an underrated wine yet delivers so much delight! Want to try the Vietti and per your sweet pairing recommendation I might look towards Pastel de Nata, similar in the creaminess.

  3. Love that first top-down shot of the Moscato in the glass! I too am a big fan of Vietti wines but haven’t had their Moscato – I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  4. Nicole Ruiz Hudson says:

    I love the beautiful images of the bubbly in the glasses. Visually captivating! I also totally agree w you re Moscato grapes–you can absolutely imagine the wine when tasting one off the vine. While I always love Tiramsu, I really like the idea of Moscato w Panetone, perhaps w some preserves on top!

  5. Looks like its time to open my bottle of Vietti Moscato. YUM!

  6. Katarina Andersson says:

    Nice that you chose the Moscato d’Asti from Vietti, I am not much for Moscato d’Asti but this is sparkling perfect for the holidays.

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