The Cook’s Atelier: French Cooking Experience in Beaune

Market Day Cooking Class at The Cook’s Atelier
When you come to Bourgogne (Burgundy), set aside your Wednesday or Saturday for a day with The Cook’s Atelier. And don’t forget to book it in advance! Marjorie and Kendall are the mother-daughter team behind the shop and cooking school, and they will lead you through a day long immersion into artisan shops, local farmers, and classic French cooking.  Come along and see how our day went, then, book your trip to France! And, just in case your next trip to France is not imminent, they just published a beautiful cookbook full of the recipes we made and more.

(click on any photo for the full size slide show, hit “escape” to return)

15 Responses to “The Cook’s Atelier: French Cooking Experience in Beaune”
  1. Wow, that looks delicious. Those soufflés…

  2. Exceptional capture of what looks like an amazing experience Jeff!

  3. beautiful photos dude, as ever

  4. Jill Barth says:

    Loving this Jeff — thanks for sharing!

  5. Nancy says:

    Looks like it was amazing day! I’m SO jealous. Maybe you can repeat it back at home? I’ll help!

    • I have the cookbook, so we can definitely give it a go. We might need to rob a bank beforehand to fund the copper cookware purchase, though. You and Joe would be up for that, right?

  6. L.M. Archer says:

    #ResentfulVegan drooling…so cruel. Great pics, btw. Adds to the exquisite torture. Santé!

  7. Stunning and beautiful! I absolutely want to do this one day. BTW, what lens are you using for your gorgeous captures?

    • I recently upgraded my photo equipment, but you could get similar excellent results with your current gear. Let’s talk next time we are together in person!

      • I need to be home long enough to take a class. I am afraid I require a full hands tutorial to understand the complexities. I don’t know much of anything. I was hoping for a class this summer but ended up traveling more than expected. Now, I have my sights set for winter since I am done with WSET for a year or two. You are so gracious with your information. Thank you Jeff.

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