#AlsaceRocks? Yes, and You Must Visit!

Alsace, #Winophiles and #AlsaceRocks
June brings our French Winophiles group to Alsace. Thanks to Teuwen Communications and the #AlsaceRocks promotion, we will be highlighting wines from this region. I had the opportunity to visit in the fall, and I fell in love. Maybe you will, too!

Alsace village view in Ribeauville

Seriously, this is a typical view in Alsace. Morning in Ribeauville.

Schedule Your Visit to Alsace
Alsace is under-appreciated by American wine drinkers. Look in your typical wine shop, even a well-stocked shop. You’ll see the tall, flute shaped bottles of Alsace mixed in with German wines, and usually only a few. We’re missing out on so much! Even more-so, the region is historic, beautiful, and for a visitor, one of the sunniest, driest regions in France. You could easily add a few days on to your visit to Paris and Champagne and you might find a new favorite spot for a return, dedicated visit.

Pro Tip: If you visit France in the fall, Alsace is your best bet for dry, sunny weather

We visited in late October. We saw the very end of harvest of the normal dry wines.  Grapes for Vendange Tardive and Selection Grains Noble (SGN) wines were still hanging on the vine. Dawn saw clear blue skies, followed by a thick fog every morning (perfect for botrytis!) followed by clearing and bright sun for beautiful hiking weather. Ruined castles in the mountains, perfect for a picnic lunch. Pick up bread, charcuterie, cheese, and a bottle or two of wine and you are set for a great adventure. Don’t forget reservations for dinner!

(click on any photo for a full size slide show, click on “escape” to return)

At the risk of being politically incorrect, we had fun with the discovery below. One evening, we failed to get a reservation for dinner (don’t make this mistake!). At 8pm, every restaurant and weinstube is full. You’ll be at the mercy of someone willing to take you in. We sat at the bar and had a fabulous evening, but we noticed the local beer posters on the wall. L’Alsacienne‘s identity is tied into “sans culotte”. Look it up.

8 Responses to “#AlsaceRocks? Yes, and You Must Visit!”
  1. Lynn says:

    Stunning pictures Jeff, looks like you had a fabulous time! Definitely a certain charm about Alsace that draws you in.

  2. The photos are stunning. Thanks for the little photo getaway. I did look up sans culotte…fascinating (adding to my costume history file in my brain!)

  3. Did you use a professional camera for the photos? They really are amazing! I went through Colmar years ago and just loved the mixture of French and German everything. Alsace is definitely worth a dedicated trip!

  4. marcus sparkes says:

    Hi all
    Having just arrived back from 5 days in Alsace
    I can honestly say it’s the most beautiful wine
    Region in the world.
    I have been visiting Alsace for 24 years now and this was my 11th visit so I have watched it evolve.
    If you want to visit the top growers the that great but you need to look further i.e.
    Sorg in egusheim
    Camille Braun in orschweir
    I can go on

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