#AlsaceRocks? The French #Winophiles Investigate

Alsace villages show their mixed German / French history

It’s June and Alsace Rocks!
Our French Winophiles are exploring (virtually) Alsace this month. The region is in the far northeastern corner of France, nearly on the border of Germany. The grapes are grown on the eastern foothills of the ancient Vosges Mountains. With the northern latitude, the grapes are mostly white wine grapes, plus Pinot Noir as it can ripen in a cooler northerly climate. The wine region is in the rain shadow of the mountains, so it has less rain and more warmth in the fall to allow grapes to ripen. Wines typically receive very little new oak influence and offer crisp acidity. Unlike their German neighbors, Alsace wines are dry or nearly so unless they are intended for dessert.  Fall morning fog allows late harvest wines to enjoy the influence of botrytis, the noble rot that increases sugar, intensity and flavors while retaining acid. Yow!

Alsace vineyard in the fall

Alsace vineyards stretch from the valley floor right up the hillsides of the ancient Vosges mountains

The French Winophiles Explore Alsace From Every Angle
This month, many of our group received a set of wines samples courtesy of Teuwen Communications, the coordinators of the Alsace Rocks! promotion.  In our posts below, you’ll note several different themes. Of course, we also encourage independent posts from our group and visitors.  Visit our posts when they go live this weekend.  All posts will be live by Saturday June 16.


Alsace stork at its roost

Storks are the unofficial mascot of the region, and they really do roost in the villages!

Please join our chat on Twitter – whether you posted or not.  We love visitors and happily chat and answer questions. Simply tune in to the #winophiles hashtag on Twitter this Saturday, June 16 at 10am CDT. You can also check out the #AlsaceRocks hashtag for more Alsace fun during and after the chat.

Here’s a list of great Alsace wine suggestions from our Winophiles

Ribeauvillé in Alsace

The quaint Alsace village of Ribeauvillé



5 Responses to “#AlsaceRocks? The French #Winophiles Investigate”
  1. wendyklik says:

    I was so surprised when I opened my bottle of Riesling and it was bone dry….I should have investigated more before pairing I guess LOL.

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