#NWTW: Argentine Malbec

New Wine This Week
My buddies over at Please Bring Me My Wine and Confessions of a Wine Geek are running a year long project of a New Wine This Week.  Over on Twitter, you can  search on #NWTW and see what’s up.

#NWTW Week 37: Argentine Malbec
I like Argentine Malbec as a “fireplace wine”, but I only drink it with rich, ripe ribs and when I’m drinking a wine without food. It’s not one of my normal wines, as it’s often just too ripe.  One of my favorite things about the #NWTW project is that it can force me to reconsider opinions previously formed.  This week, I’ve been won over to Argentine Malbec as a wine worth having in the cellar.

#NWTW week 37: Argentine Malbec

#NWTW week 37: Argentine Malbec

Leftovers with Argentine Malbec
Julie was out for dinner for a work function on Thursday night, and you know what that means: lamb chops! I had two leftover for Saturday lunch, so I decided to give my #NWTW buddies, Mike and Anthony (Ant), a chance to pair the leftover lamb chops with an Argentine Malbec.

Malbec with Lamb Chop & Kale Salad
I had Kale, leftover lamb chops and spaghetti squash in the frig, and heirloom tomatoes from the CSA box.  Add a little real balsamic vinegar, and Saturday lunch is served!  The balsamic vinegar was a key item in this pairing, it had the rich sweetness that provided a perfect bridge to the wine.

Catena Malbec “High Mountain Vines” 2012 ($20 locally)
Eye: Inky dark red, edges tend toward purple
Nose: Smoky, blackberries, a little pepper.
Mouth: More red fruit in the flavor, medium tannins. Ripe, but not overly jammy

Bold and ripe, the Catena Malbec was very nice with a bold lunch salad.

Bold and ripe, the Catena Malbec was very nice with a bold lunch salad.

Have you revisited a wine previously written off? Maybe this is the week you’ll try!

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  1. Sounds like a great lunch!

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