#SauvBlancDay w/ Shrimp & Citrus Sauce

Happy #SauvBlancDay !

tangent sauvignon blanc #sauvblancdayI have got to be crazy.  Julie and I board an airplane to Europe this afternoon.  We should’ve had takeout pizza last night.  But today is #SauvBlancDay, and Sauvignon Blanc is Julie’s favorite wine.  We joke that every day is #SauvBlancDay for her!  I had to find an “easy, quick” recipe so we could open a Sauvignon Blanc and pair it properly with our meal.  Quick, here we go!

tangent sauvignon blanc

Tangent Sauvignon Blanc 2012 ($14 locally)
We like the Tangent Sauvignon Blanc because it successfully finds a middle ground between typical styles of New Zealand, France and California.
Eye: Clear, light yellow.  Not colorless but close
Nose: Citrus, a  bit of grapefruit, stones.  Not nearly as in your face as typical New Zealand, not as lush as typical California. Just a touch of minerals.  Nice balance.
Mouth: Fresh, acidic, not a touch of sweetness. Tart finish, nice length.

Before the meal, the Tangent paired nicely with soft-ripened goat cheese like Cana di Capra or Humboldt Fog.  Our dinner featured shrimp, citrus, fennel and a grapefruit juice reduction; just a perfect pairing.

Shrimp with Fresh Citrus Sauce
This recipe came from Food and Wine Magazine, follow the link if you’d like to make it.  I added a base of brown basmati rice to turn it into a complete dinner.

shrimp fennel orange celery chives

Shrimp, fennel, oranges, celery and fresh chives from the garden

Did you celebrate #SauvBlancDay?  Any good recipes to share?

4 Responses to “#SauvBlancDay w/ Shrimp & Citrus Sauce”
  1. Julie Burrows says:

    You are totally crazy. And Jeff truly does care so much about my tastes that he is constantly trying to find great Sauvignon Blancs from around the world for me. I am TRYING to branch out ….but there is a reason why I have a 1/2 a grapefruit every morning. Thank you for this crazy life we lead and all your gifts to me.

  2. Sally says:

    Lucky Julie… is all I can say 🙂

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