Fear: Love Wine, Hate to Write

#MWWC9 Fear
I’m not a writer.  I don’t have a novel inside.  I’m not compelled to write.  I started my wine/food blog as a way to explore social media, but writing always has been and continues to be a challenge.  Food and cooking?  Great.  Wine?  Love it.  Photography?  Great way to hone my eye and expand my skill. Writing? Ugh.

There it is.  The keyboard, staring right at me.

There it is. The keyboard, staring right at me.

Along comes the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. I was happy to participate in the first few sessions. I incorporated food, wine & photos into the story.  I thought I had a shot with a photo essay in #MWWC7 Devotion. Nothing, nada.  Discouraged, I let #MWWC8 pass without an entry.

Then I started to think about fear.  What am I afraid of?  Not winning? Really? I have a new group of friends with a common interest.  I’ve met other photographers, cooks, bloggers and winemakers.  I’ve entered a food/wine/photography competition in Italy as the only English speaker (didn’t win there either, but I received a black truffle out of the blue!).  Secret wine Santa, what a treat!

Is it any different than photography?  The end result looks good.

braised goat shanks polenta pommard pinot noir

Food artfully arranged, appropriate wine

But what about the real story behind the presentation?

food photography setup

The photo studio is a house of cards!

Put in the effort.  Write, create, edit.  It’s not about winning.  It’s about participating in a community of friends, sharing, learning and growing.  Win or lose, I’m in!

Note: This is my entry in a friendly wine writing competition, the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.  This month’s theme is Fear.




18 Responses to “Fear: Love Wine, Hate to Write”
  1. mwwcblog says:

    Reblogged this on mwwcblog.

  2. Pat (Percy Dog) Lovald says:

    Bravo! It’s like skiing the Birkie racing the sailboat running Grandmas 1/2 or simply being a good parent or friend or family member….you do it because it’s energy, and ultimately it’s about living a life. You inspire me, you always have 🙂
    And btw I think you are a good writer!
    And the Black Truffle IS a very cool trophy 🙂

    • Thanks Pat! Nice to hear from you and I agree. It’s not about winning or losing, its about participating. And yes, the black truffle was a surprise and a treat.

  3. talkavino says:

    Very nice take on the theme. Quite honestly, I also feel up and down on this challenge…

  4. joyofwine says:

    Well done Jeff…this is entry #3 for me. I understand the discouragement, but I, like you, will keep going! Writing more (and often) only makes us all better writers…

    • You are so right. How will I ever get better and how will it ever get easier if I don’t keep at it. At least the subject matter is an easy one to love!

  5. Sally says:

    Loved this sentiment. It’s exactly why I participate too. Beautiful pic btw.

  6. I literally always feel rubbish when I take pictures of the wines I drink everytime I see yours! 🙂 Top work mate!

  7. Love the set up for the food! Is it cold by the time you eat the food? 😉

    • The joke at our house is “food bloggers eat cold food”. At least it doesn’t go to waste and you know the styling is purely placement, no funny stuff.

      • Hahahaha, that could be a challenge in itself: make something that looks great warm on photos, and tastes as good cold when you finally eat it…:)

  8. GFwinecountryliving says:

    Like the shot of food on the tiles on the floor! FYI, I love your honest, open writing style.

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