Winegrower’s Devotion

Every glass of wine we drink is the result of years of devotion by a winegrower.  The next time you open a bottle, pause a moment to appreciate their dedication. Cheers!

(click on any image to view the story in photos)

This is my entry in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #7.  This month’s theme is “devotion”.  Want to see the other entries?  Visit SAHMmelier, last month’s winner and the host of this month’s competition, or search on #mwwc7 on Twitter!

25 Responses to “Winegrower’s Devotion”
  1. A photo essay . . . well done! Great interpretation of the theme. Salud!

  2. Zelda says:

    Loved it! Fabulous behind-the-scenes photo essay! Would love to see more (yeast packaging, filters, sulphur…all of it)!

  3. That is beautiful, great take on the theme, well done !

  4. talkavino says:

    Very creative play on the theme! I love it!

  5. Some beautiful photos and a great story… Made me smile and made me thirsty!

  6. Gorgeous photographs, Jeff! Wonderful idea to tell the story of a winemaker’s devotion through images as much as words. Cheers!

  7. Sally says:

    I thought of this angle but I couldn’t have done it justice the way your beautiful photo essay has. Fantastic.

  8. Wine Pass says:

    Photos are the best way to have someone appreciate all the hard work that goes into a bottle of wine. Great shots!

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