Barolo visits Minnesota: Podere Ruggeri Corsini

I met Weston Hoard (the Piedmont Guy) at a Barolo class he hosted at Sunfish Cellars about a year ago.  I was excited to see that Weston was coming back to town, this time bringing the winegrower from one of the Piedmont wineries he represents, Podere Ruggeri Corsini.  In addition, this was to be a wine dinner at i Nonni, an Italian restaurant we have been wanting to try.

Weston (on the left) introduced Nicola Argamante

Weston (on the left) introduced Nicola Argamante

We learned that Nicola and his wife, Loredana, had both been professors at the viticulture school in Alba until they decided that making wine would be more fun than studying it!  They purchased vineyard land in the Barolo region, near the community of Monforte d’Alba back in 1995.  Today, their total production is around 6,000 cases per year, including a full range of Piemontese wines.

Nicola told us that since they did not come from a long line of winemakers, they came to winemaking from a consumer’s perspective; they make wines they enjoy drinking.  He discussed traditional and modern techniques and told us that they are looking to balance the two, to produce wines that are both enjoyable to drink young and will still benefit from aging for many years.  Fun fact: while many wine grapes are so sweet they are attractive to wildlife, Nebbiolo grapes (which make their Barolo) have such astringent tannic skins, wildlife leave them alone!

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Thanks to i Nonni for a wonderful venue and dinner.  Thanks to Weston Hoard and Fred Petters for making all the arrangements.  Thanks to Nicola Argamante for sharing his wines and his winemaking story.  Julie and I are returning to Italy in May, and we’ll definitely plan to visit!

7 Responses to “Barolo visits Minnesota: Podere Ruggeri Corsini”
  1. Fredric Petters says:

    Nice story Jeff!

    It was great to have you. Your note taking is amazing, as is your photography.



  2. foxress says:

    Wow, sounds and looks like a great night.

  3. You take those photos with your phone? Very arty fella, very impressive

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