OK, so all these goofy celebration days have started showing up.  They don’t always make sense.  Enjoy Cabernet based wines in August?? Whose idea was that?  Once you decide to just go with it, you can have a lot of fun!

Nicholas Kolnik organized a #CabernetDay event at Sunfish Cellars, a favorite Twin Cities wine shop and wine bar.  We enjoyed a fun evening of conversation, great wines, and of course, photos and tweeting!  Sure, it’s a made up “holiday”, maybe next year we’ll see Happy Cabernet Day cards from Hallmark.  Or maybe not.

Click on any photo to view as a slide show.

5 Responses to “#CabernetDay”
  1. #CabernetDay … I like it! There’s some great looking wines in there. Cheers!

  2. talkavino says:

    Funny thing – I considered both Corison and Gramercy Cellars for the #CabernetDay. I didn’t open Gramercy cellars because I think 2009 is too young – and I have a bottle of 1995 Corison, which I didn’t open as I didn’t think the occasion was special enough. So what do you think of those two wines?

    • They were my two favorites of the evening, though the French and Italian wines were wonderful as well. As for the Gramercy, I’m sure it had lots of years left and may not be at its peak yet, but it sure was nice. I wanted to share it since it isn’t distributed in Minnesota and I’m a fan and a wine club member. Unique nose, nice balance, good acidity, not too rich.
      The Corison had a few more years under its belt, and it was really shining. The nose just kept revealing more as the night went on. So trim and balanced. I was really happy to get the chance to try it, now I need to find more!

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