Dinner on the Farm

Have you attended a farm dinner yet?  There are some pretty fancy ones that are also very expensive.  $200 per person?  Sorry, not here.  However, there are likely some in your area that are reasonable, and you’re sure to have a good time.  Meet your farmers, and learn where your food comes from!  One piece of advice?  Sign up immediately, they almost always fill up quickly.

In Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dinner on the Farm organizes farm dinners throughout the summer.  Farm dinners with a mission to educate.  Julie and I were able to attend a farm dinner down in Northfield.  The dinner gave us an introduction to several worthwhile organizations in the Twin Cities:

  • Gardens of Eagan – a farm outgrowth of the Wedge Co-op, and host to several beginning farmers
  • Organic Field School – organization that helps beginning farmers in their first several years of farming
  • Fazenda Boa Terra – incubator farm
  • Bossy Acres – incubator farm and our CSA farm.  We have been having a great experience with our farmers Karla and Elizabeth!
  • Humble Pie Farm – incubator farm and a flowers and herbs CSA

Also, a couple of cool small businesses:

Click on any photo to view as a slide show

You might still be able to squeeze in a farm dinner this year.  If you do, I’d love to hear about it.  If not, plan to attend one next summer!

4 Responses to “Dinner on the Farm”
  1. Duff's Wines says:

    As a teen, I spent summers working on farms – onions, cucumbers, cherries, strawberries (fired because I ate too many), plums, tobacco, and my favourite tomatoes. We had farm dinners at around 1 each day. They were fresh, local, and filling to the point of making the afternoon drag. Thanks for the great post that brought me back to those days. Simple. local, and fresh. I think that I’m hitting a roadside stand this weekend!

  2. Tammy says:

    We just did one of these and I loved it. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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