Backroads Bourgogne in Autumn: Bistro des Falaises #Winophiles

Just a little 1er Cru vineyard in town.

French Winophiles Explore France in Autumn
This month, our French Winophiles will be exploring backroads, dishes and wines to celebrate fall in France. There’s plenty to choose from: are you looking forward to those hearty fall and winter dishes begging for a rich red wine or do you want to celebrate one last Indian Summer day with white wine from Alsace? Scroll down further in this post to see what my fellow French Winophiles have discovered!

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Search Le Fooding and Michelin Guide by region or village/town. Image from

Navigating Backroads Bourgogne
In France, great restaurants can exist and even thrive in the middle of nowhere. The appreciation of a nice meal is so ingrained, locals will support a restaurant and smart foodies will uncover them and seek them out. New to an area and have no idea where to go? Two good sources in France: Le Fooding and the online Michelin Guide. Both are free and both cover France high and low. The Michelin Guide covers all of Europe and isn’t limited to expensive Michelin Star restaurants. Be sure to give the basic listing, Michelin Plate and Bib Gourmand levels a try.

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Bistrot Des Falaises is a relatively new restaurant in the commune of Saint Romain, a pretty little town off the beaten track in the Côte de Beaune. It sits in an area surrounded by cliffs (falaises) up in the hills behind Meursault. In the fall the colors of the woods and vines are beautiful on a sunny day.

Before your adventure, stop in the local tourism office (here, in Beaune) and ask about hiking trails in the area. With luck, they’ll have an English version. If not, you can work on your French language skills!

Don’t let Google choose your route to Saint-Romain unless you have a stomach of steel! The smooth route goes through Auxey-Duresses

Cautions – Check your GPS (or Google Maps)
There are two ways to get from Beaune to Saint Romain: one is relatively flat, paved roads or shorter (1 minute quicker) single lane gravel/paved paths through the vineyards. Choice number two twists up & down with blind corners edged by stone walls. There are great views in the vineyards unless your partner suffers from carsickness….

Fellow French Winophiles Dream / Reminisce of Fall in France
Take a look below at what our Winophiles have dreamed up imagining or remembering Fall in France. Perhaps you’ll find a recipe or a hint to try.

7 Responses to “Backroads Bourgogne in Autumn: Bistro des Falaises #Winophiles”
  1. culinarycam says:

    Looking forward to more of your French adventures as you settle in as well as your wine recommendations…always!

  2. Wendy Klik says:

    Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. How nice that you get to enjoy Fall in France.

  3. robincgc says:

    I love that we get to live in Bourgogne vicariously through you! Keep the photos and descriptions coming. Although, this might cause you to find me on your doorstep at some point!

  4. Lynn says:

    Two super sources you share for finding food in France (and Europe). You have people covered with them and your other tips. But when Mark and I make it to Dijon / Burgundy, we’re calling you for resto recs!

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  2. […] Jeff of Food Wine Click! takes us to  Backroads Bourgogne in Autumn: Bistro des Falaises  […]

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