Explore Rogue Valley Oregon: Weisinger Family Winery

Weisinger Family Winery is located near Ashland, #7 on the map above. Map courtesy of roguevalleywinecountry.com

Touring Oregon’s Rogue Valley
We continue our tour of the Rogue Valley in Southwestern Oregon with a stop at Weisinger Family Winery.

Disclosure: I visited Weisinger Family Winery as part of a pre-conference tour of the 2021 Wine Media Conference. I paid for transportation to and from the conference and there was a fee for the pre-conference tour. The wineries and the Rogue Valley Vintners Organization also supported the tour financially.

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Weisinger Family Winery
The Weisinger Family Winery was started back in 1978 when John Weisinger purchased an old 1888 farm in the Bear Creek Valley, just south of Ashland Oregon. John’s son, Eric, now runs the winery and led our tour. At 2000 ft altitude, the Bear Creek Valley gets plenty of daytime sun and heat, but cools beautifully at night. This climate supports a wide variety of grapes. The Weisinger family grows Gewurztraminer (their original vines), Pinot Noir and Tempranillo on their farm. They also source grapes from other vineyards within 5 miles of the farm. They are responsible for the farming at about 85% of these properties. As we stood in the now 40+ year old dry-farmed Gewurztraminer vines, Eric explained how, as a kid, he hated being forced to help plant vines; vines he now treasures! Eric took over winemaking at the winery in 1997, and now runs the entire business for their 3000 case production. Eric explained they are currently converting to organic viticulture and have eliminated use of pesticides like glyphosphate. Grapes are all hand-harvested, allowing whole cluster fermentation where desired.

A beautiful spot to enjoy a wine tasting

There is a beautiful patio at the winery, a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and plate of cheese and charcuterie. There is also a vacation cottage on-site in case you’d like to relax amidst the vines.

Back in Minnesota with Weisinger Mourvedre

Light on its feet, the Weisinger Family Winery Mourvedre captures the wildness of this grape

Weisinger Family Winery Mourvedre 2017, Folin Vineyard, Rogue Valley, OR ($38 at the winery) 13.2% abv
Harvest date was 10/21/2017 late! and only 13.2% alcohol
Eye: Medium ruby, nearly pale!
Nose: Medium plus intensity aromas of violets, fresh ripe blueberries, blackberries, black plums, a little wild game, cedar
Mouth: Dry, medium plus acidity, medium sandy tannins, medium body, medium alcohol, medium plus flavor intensity, medium plus finish. The flavors mirror the aromas with fresh black fruit and a bit of wild game.
Observations: Mourvedre is a grape that requires lots of heat and a long season to ripen. These grapes were just ripe at the end of October with a moderate level of sugar, giving a more medium bodied interpretation of Mourvedre. Well done! The wild, gamey side is present but controlled, as is the oak. A very nice wine, especially at the dinner table.

Weisinger Family Winery Mourvedre with Blackberry Duck
We enjoyed the Weisinger Family Mourvedre with a fruity duck breast dish from a NY Times Recipe for 5 Spice Duck Breast with Blackberries. I usually like my duck breast quite rare, but it got away from me a bit this time. The 5-spice blackberry sauce was so good, I didn’t mind at all. The rich duck breast and dark spicy fruit made a delicious pairing with the Mourvedre, a pairing I’ll definitely try again.

Southern Oregon Resources
Here are some useful sources for more information about the region:

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  1. Lynn says:

    When we lived in Ashland for a short time prior to moving to Bordeaux, we visited Weisinger a few times. Nice family, great spot, good wines. Nice pairing with their Mourvedre!

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