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World Wine Travel Writers Explore Castilla La Mancha
This month, our World Wine Travel writers are exploring the Spanish region of Castilla La Mancha. The region surrounds Madrid, but the city itself is not considered part of the wine region. The only association many people have with this region is the musical “Man of La Mancha”, the story of Don Quixote. Have you ever had a wine from Castilla La Mancha? Scroll down further in this post to see what our writers have discovered!

Gulp / Hablo: Gluggable Liter Bottles
The Gulp / Hablo wines are a good example of an increasingly popular segment of the wine market: affordable low intervention (organic, biodynamic, natural) wines made for early enjoyment, bottled in 1 liter bottles. Other well known examples include La Boutanche, Litrona, Unlitro. The Gulp / Hablo wines are a joint project between Familia Parra and Bodegas Ponce to bring their own take on the popular 1 liter category. The wines are made from certified organic and biodynamic vineyards and are vinified with ambient yeast, aged briefly in stainless steel, then bottled and shipped. All three of the wines we enjoyed were from the 2020 vintage, meant for immediate enjoyment. In the spirit of easy enjoyment, I kept the tasting notes very brief.

Gulp/Hablo Verdejo – White Wine 2020 ($18 locally at France 44) 12% abv
Floral – gardenias, citrus – limes and tomato leaf. Lively acidity.

Gulp/Hablo Skin-Fermented Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc 2020 ($22 locally at France 44) 11.5% abv
Mango, ripe cantaloupe with musky tones, nice acidity. Best with just a slight chill, not too cold. I thought this was the best pairing with our Spanish Monte Cristo sandwiches.

Gulp/Hablo Garnacha – Red Wine 2020 ($22 at France 44) 12% abv
Pale color just like textbook Garnacha, ripe strawberries, a touch of fresh green herbs, medium acidity, very easy drinking. Also loves just a bit of a chill. Flavorwise, this was the most mainstream of the three wines.

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Spanish Twist on Monte Cristo
In looking for an appropriate food pairing, I wanted to keep the dish easy and fun, just like the wines. I found a Bon Appetit recipe for a Spanish twist on Monte Cristo Sandwich with ingredients from Castilla la Mancha. Swap out typical Monte Cristo ingredients for their Spanish counterparts: Serrano ham, Manchego cheese (very typical of La Mancha) and Membrillo quince paste. The sandwiches were delicious and we enjoyed trying all the wines alongside.

Castilla La Mancha Discoveries by World Wine Travel Writers
Castilla La Mancha is a very little known region, so take a look at our writers discoveries linked below. Once you’ve finished, why not join our discussion? Just look for #WorldWineTravel on Twitter on Saturday Nov. 27 from 10-11am CDT, we’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.


9 Responses to “La Mancha by the Liter – Gulp Hablo #WorldWineTravel”
  1. Deanna says:

    Wow, those are amazing finds! I’m impressed too that the wine shop had three types of the winery’s wines instead of just one. How cool is it to find biodynamic wines from the region AND an orange wine AND at a great price AND liter sized bottles! Muy unique and 5 glasses for the price of 4. Also, loved the Spanish take on Monte Cristo…I just might have to try it myself some time. Thanks so much for participating in this month’s exploration!

  2. Love the spirit of this post and pairing. What fun to taste three wines alongside this sandwich. Wines remind me of a Troon Pet-Nat selection.

  3. Love to try these wines — and this lunch! They sound fun– but serious fun as they are biodynamic and at that price for a liter!! Wow! What a find! Cheers!

  4. Lynn says:

    I just went down a rabbit hole on your “Other well-know examples…”. Many good things going on in the early and easy enjoyment realm, thanks for sharing those. I could see cutting up your Cristo into tapa sized portions and having a party!

  5. terristeffes says:

    I am a huge fan of Monte Cristos and I love that you took this on. The wine sounds amazing. Interestingly, my bottle was oversized.

  6. The Gulp/Hablo Skin-Fermented Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc sound like my jam Jeff. And I’m digging that twist the Monte Cristo sandwich. I’m definitely going to try that!

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