Kicking off 2021 French #Winophiles with What’s New in Bordeaux

What’s new in Bordeaux travel? Did you know there’s a direct TGV from Paris?

French #Winophiles Welcome 2021
With 2020 in the rear-view mirror, our French #Winophiles are eagerly dreaming about France and the possibility to travel again! We know we still need to be patient, but the outlook is better in the days ahead. We’re kicking off the year with a virtual visit to Bordeaux, the most famous wine region of France and perhaps the world.

What’s new in Bordeaux viticulture?

What’s New in Bordeaux
Our theme for January is “What’s New in Bordeaux”. Wine enthusiasts around the world are familiar with the celebrated Grand Cru Classé wines of the Left Bank, but Bordeaux is a large region with over 7,000 wineries. There is so much to explore! Last November, our group dug into Sweet Bordeaux, and we learned so much about the region and the wines. Who knows what our group members will find? Lesser known sub-regions, organic, biodynamic, natural wines, sparkling wine, new grapes under consideration due to climate change.

Chateau Fonroque Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe

2021 French Winophiles Calendar
We have a great calendar laid out for 2021, we hope you can join us often. We are happy to have new faces in our group.

  • January: What’s New in Bordeaux 
  • February: Red Wines of Provence 
  • March: French Grapes Around the World 
  • April: Organic Loire, The Garden of France
  • May: Chablis 
  • June: TBD 
  • July: Alsace
  • August: Jura 
  • September: TBD 
  • October: Julia Child meals + French wine 
  • November: Affordable Bordeaux for the Holidays (maybe Cru Bourgeois) 
  • December: Crémant from All Around France

How to Join the Fun:

  • Post in the Facebook event or send an email to tell me you’re in: Include blog url, Twitter handle,  and any other social media details. If you know your blog post title, include that…but you can also send that a bit closer to the event. We’d like to get a sense of who’s participating and give some shout-outs and links as we go. You can contact me at
  • Find something new in Bordeaux, it’s your choice. Write up your experience and get ready to post and share. But don’t post it yet!
  • Send your post title to me by Tuesday, Jan. 12th to be included in the preview post. I will prepare a preview post shortly after getting the titles, linking to your blogs. Your title should include “#Winophiles”
  • Publish your post between Friday Jan. 15 and 8:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, Jan. 16th. You can always schedule your post in advance if you will be tied up that morning.
  • Include links to the other #Winophiles participants in your post, and a description of what the event is about. I’ll provide the HTML code that you can easily put in your initial post — which will link to people’s general blog url
  • Once all the posts are live, I’ll send updated code so you can update the permanent links to everyone’s #Winophiles posts.
  • Get social! After the posts go live, please visit your fellow bloggers posts’ to comment and share. We have a Facebook group for participating bloggers to connect and share, too.
  • Sponsored posts are OK if clearly disclosed. Please be sure to disclose if your post is sponsored or if you are describing wine or other products for which you have received a free sample.

3 Responses to “Kicking off 2021 French #Winophiles with What’s New in Bordeaux”
  1. Ah. Logis de Cadene! We had a remarkable and very memorable lunch there! Saint-Émilion such a beautiful place!

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