Savino Wine Carafe Review

I tested the Savino side-by-side with an identical bottle just stashed in the fridge.

Wine Preservation
The joke among wine enthusiasts involves “Leftover wine, what’s that???” Truth be told, we often don’t finish a bottle. If we’re going to be finishing the wine in a day or two, I’ll usually just put a stopper in the bottle and put it in the fridge.  I also use a Coravin if I’m just looking for a taste or a single glass from specific bottle. There are lots of times, though, when I have an open bottle and I know I won’t be back to finish it for several days, which is a bit of a gamble.

Disclosure: I received the Savino Wine Preservation Carafe as a sample. No other compensation was involved, all opinions expressed are mine.

The float limits the wine’s exposure to air

Savino Wine Preservation Carafe
The folks at Savino offered to send me a sample of their wine preservation carafe and it seemed like a good design, so I decided to give it a test. I tested it out over the course of a week+ and found that indeed, it works as advertised. You can see in the review below, it limits oxygen getting to the wine and also limits odors from the refrigerator getting in as well. Bonus: The plastic version (pictured here) is especially convenient for summer use out on the deck or patio – unbreakable!

Take a look at my video, and if you like what you see, here’s a link to purchase on Amazon.  I don’t have any affiliate arrangements with Amazon, I just provide the link for your convenience.


One Response to “Savino Wine Carafe Review”
  1. I know you don’t like gimmicky stuff, so I know this must work! Thanks for the review!

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