Awards Time! Shortlisted for Born Digital Wine Awards

Born Digital Wine Awards
There are lots of lists of best wine blogs, but only a few are actual competitions with juries. I always make a point to enter these awards competitions as I like to see if my writing and imagery stacks up. I’m pleased to report that once again, it does! I’m shortlisted in the 2019 Born Digital Wine Awards. I was also shortlisted (finalist) in the Born Digital Wine Awards in 2018 (link to the 2018 announcement is here).

Combining my love for fire, smoke and wine!

The 2019 shortlist announcements are ongoing this week, and I’ve been shortlisted in the category of “Best Food and Wine Content” with my post Smoking Low & Slow with Rioja Wines . Very exciting! There are a few more categories to go for the shortlist announcements, then the winners will be announced later this spring.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


7 Responses to “Awards Time! Shortlisted for Born Digital Wine Awards”
  1. Lisa Denning says:

    Good luck Jeff! And well deserved.

  2. Julie Burrows says:

    Congrats!!!!!! wow

    Julie Burrows

    952-994-4949 (cell)


  3. Good luck Jeff! 👍🍷😉

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  4. Very exciting! Congratulations on making the finals! Best of luck!

  5. Congratulations Jeff! You’re a wonder!

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