Gewürztraminer and Cooking the Cover of Bon Appétit

How did I do? My soup was a little more green due to green lentils, but I had fun styling to match the cover.

Cooking the Cover
Do you have a favorite cooking magazine? I’ve had subscriptions to several over the years, and I’ve landed on Bon Appétit as my long term favorite. The recipes find that magic balance between something new and different while still being accessible. I can generally find the ingredients and the list is not overwhelming.

The February 2020 issue is titled “Healthy-ish” even though the particular font they choose is unreadable! I picked up the ingredients for a couple of recipes, and had fun cooking the cover of this month’s Bon Appétit.

Tiefenbrunner Gewürztraminer was a delicious partner to our Chicken Lentil soup.

Tiefenbrunner – Schlosskellerei Turmhof Wine Estate
One of the oldest wine estates in Alto Adige Italy, the Tiefenbrunner family has been managing the estate for 5 generations. Located just a short distance from Bolzano, the family farms 25 hectares (around 62 acres) of estate vineyards and sources grapes from another 45 hectares with long-term relationships with local grapegrowers. One fun unique fact: the family has owned and operated a hydropower plant since the 1940’s. They supply all the power they need and are also providers to the local power grid! If you ever find yourself in Alto Adige, you can visit, just contact them here.

Tiefenbrunner Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC 2016 (Sample, $20 SRP or online here) 14%
Eye: Clear, medium lemon
Nose: Clean, pronounced intensity. Bold aromas of lychee and lemon, honeysuckle and almond paste.
Mouth: Off-dry with pronounced flavor intensity. Viscous, oily texture with full body, high alcohol, medium- acidity, with a long lingering finish that ends with a touch of nutty bitterness.
Conclusions: Very good quality Gewürztraminer, showing exemplary varietal character. Aromatic and spicy, ready to drink right now. Not suitable for aging, enjoy the intensity and fresh fruit.

Pairing this wine with our soup was a bit of an experiment, but it turned out beautifully. The lemon and just a bit sour yogurt flavors brought out the lemony character hiding in the wine. Super enjoyable pairing and highly recommended!

Chicken and Lentil Soup with Jammy Onions from Bon Appetit February 2020 issue

Chicken-Lentil Soup with Jammy Onions
A link to the recipe is here. My only modification was to use green lentils as I already had them at home and I like their slightly firmer texture compared to red lentils.  My soup did turn out a bit more green than the BA recipe for that reason, but the soup was great, very filling and delicious. Don’t miss the jammy onions, they provide a lot of flavor!


3 Responses to “Gewürztraminer and Cooking the Cover of Bon Appétit”
  1. Oh my! Gorgeous photos as always Jeff. I’m loving sound of the recipe, especially the jammy onions. Glad your experiment worked out pairing wise, and I’ve got a few bottles of Alsace Gewurztraminer on hand!

    • Thanks, Martin. Don’t give up on the soup until you put the final dish together. Julie came into the kitchen when it was just the turmeric, broth, lentils and chicken (the broth was an unusual shade of yellow-green) and proclaimed “WHAT IS THAT”. When the final dish appeared, she loved it!

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