Merlot and Meatless Monday #MerlotMe #WinePW

Merlot and Meatless Monday
We’re not sticklers for Meatless Monday at our house.  It’s often “leftovers from Sunday on Monday”. Still, we enjoy a regular meatless meal. Merlot is a good red wine choice for meatless meals as it offers moderate tannins and is pretty relaxed for pairing.

Merlot pairs nicely with a Meatless Monday Quesadilla

Disclosure: Our Wine Pairing Weekend blogging group received a variety of wine samples from the #MerlotMe wineries for our October posts. No other payments were involved and all opinions expressed in my blog posts are my own.

Northstar Columbia Valley Merlot 2013

Northstar Columbia Valley Merlot 2013 – a nice partner for Meatless Monday

 Northstar Columbia Valley Merlot 2013 (sample, $41 SRP or online here)
Eye: Clear, deep ruby with a purple edge. Deep color right up to the edge, medium stained legs.
Nose: Clean, medium+ intensity. Ripe blueberries with noticeable cinnamon and caramel notes. This is one of the more oak influenced wines of the group this year. Not overdone, just a little more noticeable.
Mouth: Dry, medium+ flavor intensity, medium+ body. Medium acidity, medium- tannins. Deep blue fruit flavors of ripe blueberries, ripe black berries. Not at all baked or sweet as in pie filling, just nice, ripe fruit. Behind the fruit are the cinnamon and caramel notes with the fruit lingering in a medium length finish. I’d love to let this wine age a few more years to allow the oak to sink further into the background and meld the flavors further together.

Red wine with our heart-healthy “Beans & Greens Quesadilla”

Heart Healthy (?) Northstar Merlot and Beans and Greens Quesadilla
We had a too-young family member hit by a heart attack this year (it’s ok, he survived and is on a healthy path for a long life!). The event did bring a new cookbook into our house: “The How Not to Die Cookbook“, a cookbook filled with heart-healthy but truly delicious recipes.  These are the Beans & Greens Quesadillas. Only 1 problem: no cheese.  OK, I added cheese. Anyway, you can feel free to pair a nice Merlot with a Meatless Quesadilla on your next Monday opportunity. Good fruit and mild tannins will pair with meatless dishes, even with a bit of heat from peppers.

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