A Day in Chablis – Part One: The Town & Chablis Grand Cru

Save Time for a Trip to Chablis
When you trip to Bourgogne, save at least a day for Chablis. Physically separate from the Cote d’Or, you might be tempted to leave it for a future trip, but you would be missing a gem.  On our last trip to Beaune, I set a aside a day to drive up to Chablis.  It’s not so bad, 90 minutes on the A6 highway and you are there!

(click on the series photos in this post for a full size slide show, hit “escape” to return to the post)

Chablis region courtesy of bourgogne-wines.com

Chablis region courtesy of bourgogne-wines.com

Town of Chablis
If you’re accustomed to the crowds in Napa, you might be surprised that Bourgogne wine villages can be quite quiet even in the summer. Chablis is a nice little town with a tourist office, plenty of wineries and a nice selection of shops and places to eat. The “river” (more like a stream) Serein runs through this sleepy town.

Winery visit – Château de Béru
Subject of our next post, I promise!

Château de Béru

Château de Béru is a historic Chablis estate and will be the subject of our next post.

Lunch at Au Fils du Zinc
We managed to avoid the rain during our tour at Clos de Beru, but alas, the skies opened up. Luckily it was lunchtime. We heard from a reliable source that Au Fils du Zinc is the best spot in town for a meal, and we heartily agree.

Pro tip #1: get a reservation (even for lunch) before your trip, you do not want to miss this!

Pro tip #2: Find the Les Raretés page on the wine list and order a bottle.

The Chablis Grand Cru Vineyards
Unfortunately, we had a time limit for our day and we lacked the time to drive around, hike and explore. Add these to our itinerary for our next trip!  We did have time to drive just out of town to see the whole of the Grand Crus Chablis vineyards. Amazingly, they are all contiguous and in in just one place. Standing in one spot, you can see the vines which grow 100% of Chablis Grand Cru for the whole world!

One last look at Grand Cru Chablis…

14 Responses to “A Day in Chablis – Part One: The Town & Chablis Grand Cru”
  1. Lynn says:

    I’ve added your pro tips to my “future Chablis trip” notes! Your photos capture the image I have of the town based on reading articles. Look forward to the winery visit post.

  2. L.M. Archer says:

    Awesome photos, Jeff!

  3. lindaravello says:

    Wonderful post. How lucky to have seen rain, we are in cote d’or and not seen rain since 9th May except for 20 minute downpour the week before last. Very worrying for the vines…….

  4. Great post as always Jeff, I will be using your pro-tips next week!

  5. swanson29 says:

    Mest uppskattade!🇸🇪Gud bevara, jas 29 🏈

  6. I love the photo of “all the Grand Cru Chablis for the whole world!” That’s it, that’s just all there is! Amazing! 🙂

    • When you stand there, you can just feel you’re in a special place. While not a recognized Grand Cru, we felt the same thrill in the Clos de Beru (coming soon).

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