Hunting for Chinese Wine in Shanghai

Shanghai is a City of Lights
I have a project in my “real job” that takes me to China regularly, most often to Shenzhen, Beijing, or Shanghai.
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Hunting for Chinese Wine in Shanghai
Forbes online lists China as the #6 worldwide wine producer in 2016. However, you are unlikely to see a Chinese wine in a Chinese cuisine restaurant in China.  If there is a wine, it will be red and typically from Australia or France.

Dedicated wine shops are not so easy to find, even in major cities. There was a wine shop near the hotel in Beijing and I managed to stop one day when they were open. I found the one clerk who spoke English and asked if they had Chinese wine? He made a face and said “they’re not very good, we drink these” pointing to the French, Italian, Australian, Argentinian wines on the shelf.

Sometimes you see wine in upscale grocery type stores, again, rarely a Chinese wine to be found.  The few I have found, I would have to say tasted a bit odd. Cabernet Sauvignon/Gamay blend? Finally, on my most recent trip to Shanghai, I had a few free hours on a Saturday and found a good size shop at Pudao Wines.

Chinese Wines to Seek Out
I brought home several bottles from my trip to Pudao Wines. I’ll be featuring the Amethyard Marselan in our Wine Pairing Weekend blogging group this weekend. Look for my impressions of Kanaan and Silver Heights in upcoming posts!

Chinese Wine Links to Help Your Search

If your interest is piqued, or if you find yourself headed to China, here are a couple of notes from my experience.  I’d love to hear about your experience with Chinese wines.

  • Jim Boyce is an excellent source of English language information about wine in China. He writes a very good blog: Grape Wall of China. Jim’s blog has been my single best resource for digging up information on Chinese wines and wine culture in China.
  • Pudao Wines has shops in Shanghai and Beijing and has an online store here. Bonus: you can check the prices of international wines in China at their webstore. Wine is expensive in China, Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve wines cost nearly $50/bottle!

Chinese Wineries
Listed below are wines I have either enjoyed or will be trying and blogging about in the coming weeks. This list is not extensive or complete, it’s just a starting point. I’m hoping to visit one of the wine regions before my work project in China is over!

Grace Vineyard – Even their modestly priced wines show good quality and typicity.

Amethyst Manor – Look for my post this week about Amethyard Marselan. Also a nice blog post from Grape Wall of China.

Kanaan – Rising star in the Ningxia region.  Ningxia is generally considered the top region in China for wine.

Silver Heights – Another well regarded winery, also located in Ningxia.

Hunting Chinese Wines in Shanghai at


6 Responses to “Hunting for Chinese Wine in Shanghai”
  1. I’m looking forward to reading more about your discoveries! I’ve got no visibility into the Chinese wine scene, so this is all brand-new for me.

  2. Fascinating. Thanks for the intro and overview Jeff

  3. This is great, Jeff. Delightful post. What a difference 20 years makes. A bottle of Penfold’s Koonunga Hills at $100 was the best we could do in the mid-to-late 90s. And it was corked.

  4. ALH says:

    i am looking for Chinese rice wine it’s also available in shop

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