Top 5 Reasons to Visit Piemonte in the Fall #ItalianFWT

Fall in Italy
This month, our Italian Food Wine & Travel group is sharing their favorite thoughts about Fall in Italy.  Take a look at all the great ideas at the bottom of this post!

Fall in the Piemonte
When is a good time to visit the Piemonte region in Italy? Trick question! Anytime, of course. Each season has its highlights. Here are my “Top 5” reasons to schedule your trip in the fall:

#5 – Easy to Pack

No need for shorts, no need for winter jackets, this is the easiest time to pack for a trip. (click on any photo to start slide show, escape to return to the post)

 #4 – Nebbia

See the famous Nebbia fog, likely source of the name for the Nebbiolo grape

#3 – Harvest!

Harvest extends over quite a period of the fall. Starting with Moscato and ending with Nebbiolo weeks later

#2 – Truffles!

Fall is truffle season, and you can hunt for them! Black truffles start in late summer, later on come the rare white truffles.

#1 – Wine!

Yes, you can enjoy the wines through the whole year. The fall does bring goldilocks weather for the B’s – Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera. Drink the lovely Piemontese whites during the day and at apertivo time. Then break out the reds for the rest of the evening. Perfect!

Local Wisdom
If you feel moved to go and visit, first, take me with you! Second, a local guide is a great help.  Here are links to three great guides for the region. They cater to small groups and will tailor your day to your interests.

  • Travel Langhe – Robert and Leslie were our introduction to the region and they have become more than just our guides, they are our friends. In addition to wine, Robert is an excellent photographer and Leslie is an artist and experienced chef (and a good teacher).
  • Girls Gotta Drink – On a tour with Robert and Leslie (above) Val met Evan who was working at a winery in the Langhe. One thing led to another, and now Val lives in Italy and she and Evan also provide guide services.
  • Italianna – Anna is another expat now living and guiding in the Langhe.

Italian Food, Wine & Travel Tips for Fall in Italy
Here are some great ideas to put you in the mood for Fall in Italy!

See you on twitter on October 1 at 10:00am central. All are welcome #ItalianFWT!
Evening view of the Barolo hills.

Evening view of the Barolo hills.


11 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons to Visit Piemonte in the Fall #ItalianFWT”
  1. Ishita says:

    I’m really looking forward to visit it someday soon .. twice my turin plans got jinxed 😦

  2. Wonderful photo journey through Piemonte! I was there in the spring; now I must return for the fall!

  3. Vino Travels says:

    Piedmont is definitely one of my favorites. The truffle hunt looks like fun. I haven’t done that yet.

  4. Your post has me wanting to leave for Italy today Jeff! One of the challenges of travel is whether to do a deep dive in one/two regions or seeing a bunch of them for shorter periods of time…I wonder if if this was your first trip to Italy and you chose Piemonte or had you been before and decided to come back?

  5. My first love!!!! Glorious Pimeonte 🙂 Thanks for the memories buddy!

  6. Clare says:

    Piemonte in Autumn is, in my mind, the best time to visit for the scenery is stunning. Bear in mind that Autumn is high season in the Langhe, as wine and truffle visitors skyrocket numbers and prices. Book highly rated restaurants as soon as possible if you head that way this Autumn. You won’t be disappointed with all the lovely seasonal food on offer.

  7. Jill Barth says:

    Jeff, outstanding and artful photos here. You have certainly captured the sense of place with this piece. I truly appreciate your perspective and and (of course) inspired. Thanks for sharing your ideas in the #ItalianFWT chat and for this lovely piece — I’ll be looking back on this one when I want to “zone out” on beautiful places and ideas!!

  8. Your beautiful photo essay makes me want to drop everything and GO NOW! Maybe next fall I’ll get the opportunity.

  9. SweervyWine says:

    Your post make me miss Piemonte! And Val & Evan!! 🙂 Great photos, thanks for this mini-journey. x

  10. We’ve been talking about going there in the fall, NOW this seals the deal. Thank you!

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