Virtual Trip to the Douro in “A Year in Port”

My $40 Free Screening
I had the opportunity to pre-screen the upcoming release of A Year in Port this weekend. So of course, I did a little research and picked up a bottle of Ramos Pinto 10 year Tawny Port, one of the Port houses in the movie, to assist in my enjoying the film. Not free, but highly recommended!

Pour yourself a glass of Port and settle in to take a virtual visit to the Douro

Pour yourself a glass of Port and settle in to take a virtual visit to the Douro

A Year in Port
A Year in Port is the final movie in a trilogy of fond tributes to favorite regions of Martine Saunier, a ground breaking wine importer in the US. The movie will be released on Sept. 6 via iTunes. Like the other movies, A Year in Port follows the seasons during a year in the region, and chronicles the work of several winemakers. In the Douro, these are the “Port Houses”. If you’ve never been, this is the next best thing to a visit to Porto, Portugal. This movie could be the beginning of your Port journey!

The Movie
Beautifully photographed, the movie provides a compelling image of this ultra-traditional wine and wine region. Because of the history, Port has dual identities as being both very Portugese and also very British. There are an awful lot of men in suits in this movie, and you’ll need to watch carefully to see some of the conflicts at play in the region. By the end of the movie, if you’re not already a Port fan, you’ll likely want to start your own exploration. I’m familiar with Port, but I still learned several things while watching the movie. I had no idea how many of the Port “Brands” are owned by the two biggest houses: Taylor’s and Symington.  While large, they are both still family owned and the families are very intimately linked to their wines. I also enjoyed the scenes in the vineyards and in the granite lagars, as I have not yet had the opportunity to visit.

Mark Sept. 6 on your calendar, buy a bottle of Port and settle in to enjoy the movie!

My Port History
A few years ago, I had a unexpected free afternoon on a business trip.  On the airplane on the way into Porto, I realized that it was the home of Port, a wine with which I was totally clueless. A bit of quick research pointed me in the direction of Gaia and my love of Port was born.

My Chance Trip to Porto, and Port 101

My Love Affair with 10 Year Tawny Port

My Previous Experience with the “A Year In” Movies

Disclaimer: I was able to pre-screen the movie for free online with a request to post on social media if I enjoyed the film. All opinions are mine, and all the wine shown in this post was purchased at retail.

The images below are not from the movie, they’re from my house! As you can see, I have a thing for 10 year Tawny Port!


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  1. I too love Tawny port. How fun to preview a movie. Thanks for sharing!

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