#SiWhatsNext Ribera y Rueda

Ribera y Rueda
How much do you know about the wines of Spain? I’ve dabbled with a variety, but I’ve not devoted any real effort to understanding them. I was excited to receive an invitation for a tasting of wines from the Ribera del Duero and Rueda regions this weekend, at Foreign Legion, to boot!  Winemakers from the two regions have joined together in an effort to bring more attention to their wines.  They even have a wine truck traveling to venues all over the US this summer, look for them, and follow their travels on Twitter under #SiWhatsNext! Leslie Miller of Amusée Wine was our able guide for the evening.(click on any photo to view slide show)

My conclusion: The Rueda wines are nice and crisp and super food-friendly.  We’ll definitely add them to our summer rotation.  The Ribera del Duero wines are big wines with a fair amount of oak; I’ll give them a try next time I get the lamb chops out, or with some barbequed ribs fresh off the grill.

My thanks to the Ribera y Rueda group, Leslie Miller and Foreign Legion for a fun exploration of the wines from these regions of Spain.

Note: I attended this event as a guest of the Ribera y Rueda wines promotion, all opinions are my own!

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