#ChampagneDay 2013

We have fun celebrating these internet based theme days for various wines.  One of our favorites is #ChampagneDay because it’s a great excuse to make the day an occasion.  It appears that #ChampagneDay is the last Friday in October, because it was also on a Friday last year.  Wow, just like Thanksgiving and Easter!  Anyway, here are few photos from our evening.  (Click on any photo to start the slide show)

By the way, Champagne went very nicely with a shrimp stir-fry!

2 Responses to “#ChampagneDay 2013”
  1. Lynne Pelos says:

    Those internet theme days ARE good for something. What a great idea. Photos and stir-fry look absolutely amazing. It goes without saying that the champagne does as well! Julie’s nails are beyond perfect. Can’t wait to see you guys. Can Karen & I swing by on Saturday, or meet up somewhere for a glass of vino? You know all the spots…

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