Paris: Eiffel Tower Food Tour

Take Away Message:
Go to Paris.  Stay in the 7th Arrondissement. Take the Eiffel Tower Food Tour early in your trip and eat well for the rest of your stay.  Thank us later.

A typical 7th Arondissement view.

A typical 7th Arrondissement view.

Julie and I were planning a long awaited trip to Europe this summer.  Julie had not been to Paris since 1977 (!) and I have never been, so we knew we would need to start there.  Lucky for us, I stumbled on Mardi Michels through her Instagram photos of her food tour around the Eiffel Tower back in July.  Besides her excellent photography on Instagram, she writes a wonderful blog: Eat Live Travel Write. We found a bunch of great Paris suggestions from Mardi and other bloggers.

Localers is a company that runs a wide variety of tours all around Paris.  All the tours are small groups or even private and are reasonably priced given that you will part of a small group.  Our 3 hour food tour involved a total of 8 people plus our guide, Maël.  The cost was €119 per person for two people.  By the conclusion of the tour, we knew several very good restaurants, the difference between a brasserie and a bistro or restaurant, and excellent sources for cheese, chocolate, bread, pastries, meringues, fish, wine, ham, macarons and of course, foie gras.  What’s the difference between a boulanger and an artisan boulanger?  Ask us.  Picnic by the Eiffel tower?  No problem!

We found some of the best advice for Paris from travel and ex-pat bloggers. It’s like getting advice from a good friend.  You’d be crazy to ignore it!

Here’s a brief summary of our fast paced tour in photos.  Click on any photo to start the slide show.

Thanks to Maël and Localers for the fun tour.  Thanks to Mardi Michels for introducing us!

8 Responses to “Paris: Eiffel Tower Food Tour”
  1. travelscapism says:

    Oh that looks wonderful – the tour the food and Paris! I miss Paris – I need to go back.

  2. Jeff I am SO glad you enjoyed the tour and you’re right – it’s a wonderful way to start a visit to Paris 🙂

  3. Lynda says:

    We didn’t have anything but amazing meals in Paris! Love that sweet white wine too.

  4. Great photos–you really captured one of my favorite cities! One thing stood out though–was that your first time having foie gras in your life?!?

  5. LOVE french macarons!! They’re the best. I was just in Portugal and made a stop at the Paris airport, but only got to see the Eiffel Tower from above. What a fun photo tour of Paris, though. Did you try any excellent Rose? Thanks for sharing.

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