Upcoming Oregon/Washington Winery Trip

The Walla Walla, Washington Skyline.

We’re headed out for a week-long trip to wineries in Willamette Valley, Lyle Washington, and Walla Walla Washington.  OK, there’s also Parent’s  weekend at Whitman College in Walla Walla where our son is a student. We’ll be visiting some of our favorites and a few new ones.  The wineries are right in the middle of crush, so its’ going to be a bit crazy.  Any suggestions on small wineries focused on a food-friendly approach to wine?  We’re open to suggestions! We love small wineries and winemakers/winegrowers with a good story.  During/after the trip, I’ll try to highlight our findings.

On our list:

Iota Cellars – our friends and a favorite.  True winegrowers.

Matello – haven’t visited the winery before, met Marcus Goodfellow at a Matello wine dinner at Pairings Food & Wine this spring.

Cooper Mountain Vineyards – new for us.  Sustainable/Biodynamic approach, looks interesting.

The Eyrie Vineyards – new for us.  Pioneers of Willamette Valley.

Evesham Wood / Haden Fig – we love Evesham Wood / Haden Fig!  Not sure we’ll have time this trip, but we will try.

Memaloose – Lyle wineries are generally under the radar, but we’re big Memaloose fans.

Domaine Pouillon – new for us. Another small Lyle, WA winegrower

Gramercy Cellars – Really fun group of people making amazing wines.  They bent over backwards to get us in for a tasting during crush last year.

Rotie Cellars – Met Sean Boyd and Nicole at the tasting room last year, wonderful Rhone varietal wines.

Rulo Winery – Enjoyed meeting the Schlickers last year, got my Rulo hat and have sent photos from far-off places!

Fjellene Cellars – met Matt Erlandson last year, have enjoyed our Fjellene wines.

Mannina Cellars – new for us.  Friend recommended giving them a try.

3 Responses to “Upcoming Oregon/Washington Winery Trip”
  1. So many people bent over backward for our visit last year and in April
    … the Sandbergs at Iota with the added bonus that this year we’ll get to see Lynn Pelos and Buster;
    … the Schlickers at Rulo who not only gave us a tour but gave us cheese! (I have a soft spot for Kurt as he’s a fellow golfer and, like my Dad, is an anesthesiologist!…and Vicki is SO patient!)
    … and Gramercy is just fun.
    G nnoing to vineyards with Jeff is just so fun… he’s done all the research, I get to enjoy the wine!
    Can’t wait!

  2. Jeff, who shot the image at the top of this page “The Walla Walla Washington Skyline” ?

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