Preview to French Winophiles Champagne Celebration #Winophiles

French Winophiles Know Champagne is for Celebration
December is the time to celebrate: culmination of a year, year-end holidays and family gatherings. For hundreds of years, Champagne has built its reputation on celebration, it’s served at the coronation of kings, launching of ships, signing of contracts, pledges of love, you name it! This month, our French Winophiles will be highlighting favorite aspects of this popular celebratory beverage. Want to join us? Look for the instructions below!

Champagne region map courtesy of Comité Champagne (

Champagne Primer
There is lots of sparkling wine around the world, but there is only one Champagne, and several years ago the Champenois protected the name for their use alone. There are other wines made in the same method, but they go by another name. The Champagne region of France isn’t responsible for the invention of wine with bubbles, but they did perfect the beverage in the 17-1800’s. There’s so much history wrapped up in the Champagne story, the Comité Champagne produced a free online course which is very good!

French Winophiles Champagne Celebration – How to Participate
Take a look below at all the great ideas for your next Champagne experience! Our French Winophiles writers posts will go live on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 16-17. You’ll have plenty of time to try out their ideas this holiday season.

• Cindy at Grape Experiences shares “Celebrate with 4 Easy-to-Make Champagne Cocktails”
• Camilla at Culinary Cam shares “A Royally Good Match: The King of Mushrooms + The Wine of Kings”
• Robin at Crushed Grape Chronicles shares “Champagne Cattier – Sustainable Champagne creating a home for the hedgehogs”
• Jane at Always Ravenous shares “Champagne Paired with Roasted Oysters with Bacon and Leeks”
• Gwendolyn at Wine Predator….Gwendolyn Alley shares “Special Wines for Special Occasions: Champagne! It’s Not Just for Toasts!”
• Martin at Enofylz shares “How I Learned To Expand Champagne’s Role At The Table”
• Jeff at Food Wine Click! shares “Hidden Champagne: The Côte des Bar”

2 Responses to “Preview to French Winophiles Champagne Celebration #Winophiles”
  1. We will be participating! We’re comparing to bottles from Big Houses that retail in the $60s for your holiday consumption consideration paired with some holiday favorites! May not have any oysters though because they were out at the Ventura Harbor Fish Market!

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  1. […] by Jeff of Foodwineclick (you can read his invitation post here) the #Winophiles will be posting about Champagne on December 16th and 17th, and you can find links […]

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