Fun and Truth at Wine Media Conference 2022

Laura Donadoni is originally from the region and was key to bringing the conference to Italy.

The Wine Media Conference Goes to Italy
The wine media conference is an annual event for independent wine writers and creators. Held in a different location each year, writers have a chance to visit a new region while reconvening with friends and learning about new developments in the broad category of wine related social media. The event has traditionally been held in the US or Canada. In 2019 the event traveled to Southeastern Australia. 2022 took us to Lake Garda in Italy under the sponsorship of the wine consorzia of the Lombardy region.

Tastes and Sips
There are always lots of opportunities to get acquainted with wines and foods of the region and others.

Organizations and Issues
There are opportunities to learn about organizations such as La Donna del Vino (Women Wine Stories) and Vignaioli Indipendenti (independent winegrowers – grape to bottle)

Live Wine Social
A highlight of the annual event is the Live Wine Social, a rapid fire wine “speed dating” between winemakers and wine writers. Winemakers come to a table, pitch their wine, pour, answer questions, pose for photos while writers take photos, video and post on social media. The whole process repeats every 5 minutes. 5 minutes! Doubly challenging when the winemakers are not speaking their native Italian. Take a look here at some nuggets of truth, some bloopers and general mayhem!

2 Responses to “Fun and Truth at Wine Media Conference 2022”
  1. robincgc says:

    Such fun! Great video Capture!

  2. Great overview of the first part of the conference!

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