Black is Beautiful Beer

Do your part! The next time you’re headed out to a local taproom, check out Black is Beautiful Beer website, find a local participating brewery, buy some Black is Beautiful beer!

Toward a More Diverse Drinks Industry
2020 has been a year which has opened our eyes to how far we still have to go to become a more diverse, welcoming society. The craft beer industry has taken an exciting first step from the grass roots.

The Black is Beautiful Beer initiative is growing rapidly with over 1000 participants nationwide, I was surprised to find there are 40 supporting breweries in Minnesota alone! To find a brewery near you, simply go to the Black is Beautiful Beer website .

I visited The Lab Brewery, Pilot Facility and Tap Room in St. Paul. In the Black is Beautiful Beer initiative, ALL the proceeds from the sale of the beer go to a local non-profit supporting BIPOC causes of the brewer’s choice. The Lab has teamed up with the Minority Entrepreneur Development Association, MEDA, as their non-profit of choice.

One Response to “Black is Beautiful Beer”
  1. I saw a Black is Beautiful stout at one of our favorite local breweries (Drakes), but I couldn’t purchase it. Will continue to look! Thanks for posting Jeff! I appreciate your actions on this issue!

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