Moving Closer to “All Are Welcome Here” in Wine

All Are Welcome Here
In all walks of life, opportunities are needed for people who perhaps don’t look like “us”. Recently, the wine community has started to face the unflattering fact that we are not as diverse as we need to be.

One of the big things to help is for businesses to create opportunities to welcome more diverse voices. We writers can help in small way, by sharing those opportunities as they arise.

I’ll do my small part today, and share two opportunities recently created. I’ll continue to post and share these opportunities, so if you know of something, please pass it on to me!

Black Wine Professionals and Laurent-Perrier Champagne Master Class
Black Wine Professionals is a new organization whose goal is “to lift up the multifaceted Black professionals in the world of wine.” They have announced a partnership with Laurent-Perrier (Champagne!) US with five scholarships for the Wine Scholars Guild Champagne Master Level Course. Wine education can be expensive and a barrier for some, so this is a great step forward. Click here to jump to the application page and good luck!

Becky Wasserman Burgundy Scholarship
Starting in 1979 as a woman business owner and entrepreneur in a man’s wine world, Becky Wasserman has been well acquainted with being the “other”. In these times of change, Becky and her team have stepped up to offer a scholarship trip to Burgundy for three black members of the wine trade living in the US, starting in 2021.  Don’t wait, the deadline is Sept. 30 to apply. Application details can be found here.

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