A Bonus Wine Pairing Weekend Session with Yarden Wines #WinePW

Wine Pairing Weekend – Meet Yarden Wines!
Our Wine Pairing Weekend blogging group received an invitation to do an extra session in May so we could sample wines from Israel via Yarden Wines. Of course, we jumped on the opportunity. This will be a first opportunity to try wines from Israel for many of us.  Stay tuned for Friday and Saturday this week (May 22 & 23) as we’ll be posting on our experiences. Tune in to our chat on Twitter this Saturday, May 23 10-11:00am CDT at #WinePW. If you know Yarden Wines and would like to join us, it’s not too late! Simply send a note to jmb5121@gmail.com and let me know you’ll be participating!

Yarden Wines is located in the far north, east of Haifa. Israel wine map courtesy of winesofisrael.com

Wine in Israel?
Even though there is a significant wine industry in Israel, it isn’t well know outside. Most wine produced in Israel is consumed there, with only about 20% leaving the country. The best wine regions are in the far north, east of Haifa. Galil (Galilee) and Golan Heights feature elevation with warm days and cool nights, perfect for ripening grapes. Most international varieties are grown, so you’ll be familiar with the grape names on the bottle. Yarden Wines represents two wineries: Golan Heights Winery and Galil Mountain Winery as well as a Yarden Wines label. Our bloggers were lucky to receive a variety of wines from these labels.

Great Wine Pairing Ideas with Yarden Wines

  • Terri at Our Good Life shares “Grilled Mahi Mahi and Gilgal Sauvignon Blanc. Our Good Life”
  • Gwendolyn at Wine Predator shares “The Eternal Light Shines in Galilee: Yarden Merlot, Pinot Gris”
  • Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm shares “Lamb Stuffed Eggplant and a perfect Wine from Galilee”
  • Deanna at Asian Test Kitchen shares “Yarden Wines Paired with Japanese Surf ‘n Turf”
  • Rupal at Syrah Queen shares “Off The Beaten Path – Two Wines From Isreal’s Galilee Appellation”
  • Linda at My Full Wine Glass shares “Of Israeli wines, long-ago memories, and Harvey’s takeout”
  • David at Cooking Chat shares “Pairings for Gilgal Sauvignon Blanc from Israel”
  • Payal at Keep the Peas shares “Israeli Wine with the Diverse Cuisine of the Diaspora”
  • Nicole at Somms Table shares “Memories of Yarden Wines with a side of Meatball Shakshuka”
  • Jennifer at Vino Travels shares “Pairings with Wines from Israel”
  • Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla shares “Peppered Brisket, Honeyed Onions, and the 2106 Galil Mountain ‘Ela'”
  • Pinny at Chinese Food and Wine Pairings shares “Enjoying Gilgal Cab Sauvignon – Merlot and Yarden Pinot Gris with Grilled Wagyu Steak, Alaska Sockeye Salmon and Poke Ahi Tuna Bowl”
  • Jeff at Food Wine Click! shares “Two Fisted Wine Pairing with Yarden Wines”

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  1. […] When Jeff of Food Wine Click!  mentioned that we had an opportunity to receive samples from Yarden Wines for an additional #WinePW weekend, I jumped at the chance to receive samples. It seemed like an amazing way to spend Memorial Day Weekend. He wrote his preview post last week which you can find here […]

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