Introduce a Friend to Italian Wines with #ItalianFWT

Introduce Your Curious Friend to Italian Wine
Italy is a country filled with wine; there are twenty regions and every single one produces wine! Of course, some are more famous than others. Italian wines have their own style and many feature grapes grown nowhere else in the world. For the newcomer, Italian wines can be a mystery. Where does one start?

Regional guides for all the main regions. My favorite: Italy of course! map courtesy of

Italian Food Wine and Travel to the Rescue!
Way back in 2014, Jennifer Gentile Martin gathered a group of wine bloggers and Italian Food Wine & Travel was formed. We started our group with a monthly virtual visit to an Italian wine region, requiring 20 months for our initial grand tour. Along the way, we all gained significant experience in the subject. Now we kick off 2020 with our best advice for our friends curious to learn more about Italian Wine.

What form will our posts take?

  • Italian Wine 101
  • Italian Wine Classics
  • Italian Wine in 6 Glasses
  • Affordable Italian wines

Our bloggers will surprise you with their creative approaches to this topic. You’re sure to find something to pique your interest in Italian wines.

My introduction to sabering (sciabola) in Italy. Success!

Take a Look at All These Great Suggestions
All our blog posts will go live between Friday Jan. 3 and Saturday morning Jan. 4.  You’re sure to find some great advice for digging in to Italian wine. Why not join our chat to learn even more?  Just search for #ItalianFWT on Twitter and tune in 10-11am CST on Saturday Jan. 4.  We’d love to hear what you think.

  • Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla shares “Sips and Eats Around the Boot: A Primer to Italian Wines and Pairings”
  • Lynn at Savor the Harvest shares “Introducing the Diversity of Italian Wine”
  • Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm shares “Ringing in the New Year with Loved Ones and Prosecco
  • Pinny at Chinese Food and Wine Pairings shares “Sharing Lugana DOC – Winter Whites With Friends
  • Marcia at Joy of Wine shares “The World of Italian Wine: Where Do I Begin?
  • Gwen at Wine Predator shares “4 To Try in 2020: Italy’s Franciacorta, Fruili, Chianti, Mt. Etna
  • Cindy at Grape Experiences shares “Why the Wines and Food of Custoza DOC are Some of Veneto’s Many Pleasures”
  • Susannah at Avvinare shares “Three Noble Red Grapes that Help to Navigate the Italian Peninsula”
  • Linda at My Full Wine Glass shares “What exactly IS this Italian grape?”
  • Jen at Vino Travels shares “The Beginnings to Understanding Italian Wine”
  • Kevin at Snarky Wine shares “Cutting Your Teeth on Italian Wines”
  • Katarina at Grapevine Adventures shares “3 Grapes to Get a Beginner’s Taste of Italian Wine”
  • Nicole at Somm’s Table shares “Italian Wine 101 Cheat Sheet”
  • Jeff at Food Wine Click! shares “Italian Wine 101 – Start Your Journey Here”
Vineyard hike to Neive

Piemonte is home to a whole range of grapes which are made into delicious wines.

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  1. Nicole Ruiz Hudson says:

    Thanks for hosting Jeff!

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